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  • Adjustable volume for noisy kitchens
  • Extra big and loud up to 100dB
  • Splash-proof housing
  • Record your own voice alarms
  • Backlight for low light conditions
  • Four independent displays
  • Numeric keypad for quick alarm setting
  • 9 colors

Four independent timers displayed simultaneously. Easy to set, easy to use. Adjustable alarm volume up to a loud 100dB for noisy kitchens.

  • Set alarms quickly with numeric keypad without fiddling with up/down or scrolling buttons. Four distinct alarm sounds tell you what timer is alarming, or record your own voice-alarm for each channel and know exactly what’s done by name.

    Big digits are legible from a distance. Stands upright on the counter or grips securely to a metal surface with strong magnets. Splash-proof IP65 design keeps internals dry around kitchen splashes. It’s time to toss your cheap, flimsy timer for a quality-built TimeStack.

  • Countdown Range99 hours 99 minutes 99 seconds
    Countup Range99 hours 99 minutes 99 seconds
    Display Resolution1 second
    Time Accuracy±1 second every 2 hours
    Alarm Sound LevelAbout 100 dB at 11.8 inches (300 mm)
    Alarm Volume ControlAdjustable in 4 steps and mute
    Tones1=2kHz, 2=1kHz, 3=500Hz
    Water ResistanceIP65
    Battery9V x 1, included; 7,000 hours typical
    Display Size3.15 H x 2.17 W inches (80 H x 55 W mm)
    Dimensions6.6 H x 4.13 W x 2.4 D inches (168 H x 105 W x 60.8 D mm)
    Operating Temperature32 to 122°F (0 to 50°C)

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SLOOOOOW But like the features
I love their Big and Loud timer, so I figured this is just 4 of those in the one big package. I run a bakery and have a 4 deck oven. In the past I had timers all over the place, so having 1 unit with 4 timers was a blessing. Sadly, I'm not overly happy with it. Setting the timers is slow. You press the SET key twice to get it to blink, then hit CLEAR and set the time. The problem is if you go too quick the feedback beep gets lost. So instead of keying in 6000 (60:00) you might end up with 60000 (ie:6:00:00) because you think it didn't take the zero you pressed as registering. I like the voice recording that is nice, so you now know if you have to run to the over or just finish what you are doing. In the past you just knew a timer was going off, now I know which deck of the oven is done.

If they fix the speed problem with the feedback beep and why you have to press the SET key twice this would be a 5* product. Wait for version 2?
July 28, 2017
Excellent timer
The timer itself is robust. Setting the timers is easy and being able to adjust the volume is a great feature. The magnets are strong and hold the unit firmly. I really like the handle on the back and the wide base to be able to set it anywhere. The one feature that is a little cumbersome to use is entering your recording for the alarm. It is a process and you have to continually read the instructions when modifying the recording. Other than that I would buy it again and would recommend it to anyone that needs more than 1-2 timers going at the same time.
August 22, 2017

2 months ago
I prefer this to the [competitive company's] triple timer
I now have this Thermoworks Timer and previously had the [competitive product] Triple Timer. I'll compare and contrast the two. Both work but there are differences, however subtle. The Thermoworks Timer is rather tall, about 5 inches, with a narrow base while the [competitive product] is only 2 inches tall with a relatively more expanded base. Either shape works fine. The sound volume on the [competitive product] is rather modest while the Thermoworks has 4 volume settings, the loudest being able to be heard over the roar at a SuperBowl - useful if the timer is outside at the barbecue and you have popped inside for a while. Setting the timer is easier on the Thermoworks - each of the four channels can be set independently while on the [competitive product] you have to select the one you want to set. Likewise starting the timer on each channel is easier with Thermoworks. Thermoworks has some voice recording features that I have yet to need but appeal to the nerd in me. One feature that is too complicated on the Thermoworks is resetting/clearing the timer once you're done - takes about 5 button pushes where the [competitive product] only takes two. There is a clear button on the Thermoworks but pressing once on it at the wrong time doesn't help. Done enough times clearing becomes an unnecessary pain. The Thermoworks has no clock but the [competitive product's] clock really lost time fast so was completely undependable. Bottom line - having used both of them considerably I would now buy the Thermoworks.
August 23, 2017

2 months ago
This timer is pretty awesome!
I needed a timer that was loud, would keep beeping until I heard it, and had multiple timers. This was the only one I could find that could do all of the above. Plus features, it can stand up or has magnets for refrigerator; times stay on display until you change them, timers have different sounds, can go pretty loud, and it's portable.
September 5, 2017

2 months ago
Its everything we hoped for and more, a lot more.

Its really, really big. I'm sure if I had read the dimensions we still would have purchased it, but we wouldn't have ordered the yellow one.

We would recommend this product to anyone, not just cooks.
August 25, 2017

2 months ago
Love the voice record, but slow response time on the keys
I love love love the concept, but the execution is slow. If you type too fast you might not hear audio feedback of the key you pressed.

Other than that I love that you can record what the time is for. Being a small retail bakery. I have a 4 deck oven. I set each timer to one deck. So when the time is up. It will announce "DECK 1", "DECK 4" or which ever deck need attention. LOVE that feature.
August 23, 2017

2 months ago
Solid and works great
I especially like that I can record a voice alarm for each alarm. That way, when one alarm goes off, it would say. "corn! corn! corn!"

The only improvement I could see is if the display was back-lit.
September 12, 2017

2 months ago
Great Timer
My wife loves this timer. She thinks it's the best thing since the thermapen, and that's saying a lot.

She says it's easy to use. The alarms aren't too loud so they don't drive me crazy when she's using it, and she likes it so much it's the only timer she uses even though we have 3 other ones.
October 17, 2017
how to use it
it is big and heavy and the instructions for its use are unclear - I'm sorry I purchased it
September 12, 2017

2 months ago
LOVE IT!! Use it Daily
So i had been using a great phone App for keeping my times on Smokes, but was finding with all the Gadgets requiring flipping back and forth on Apps, it was getting a bit overwhelming - not to mention another App eating up phone battery, so picked this up! It is Amazingly easy to use, built like a Tank, and has every function you can imagine!

Only thing it is missing, its just too bad it doesn't have an wifi App so you have a quick errand to run, you can check cook times, but until they do, for now I just set a timer on the phone before leaving to remind me.

Well worth the investment !!!
September 12, 2017

2 months ago