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  • One-handed use
  • Pocket-sized, fits chef coat pocket
  • Count-down, count-up and clock
  • 9 Colors
  • Splash-proof
  • Count-down bar graph
  • Includes neck lanyard

TimeStick will be your favorite timer. Hang it from your neck, slip it in a pocket or mount it to a magnetic surface.

  • Directly set your time, with one hand, on the Splash-proof numeric keypad. We've made operation as simple as can be. After your first use, throw away the instructions. The count-down bar graph gives you a quick indicator of remaining time. When a count-down alarm sounds, the count-up timer starts so you will see how much time elapses after your alarm. The clock is settable in 12 hour or 24 hour formats.

    Other pocket timers are flimsy, hard to set, or have weak beepers. TimeStick's rubberized front panel survives wet fingers and the durable housing will last for years in professional use. Designed as a personal timer, the beep is plenty loud for you to hear but won't stop traffic outside. Conceived in ThermoWorks' design studio, TimeStick comes in 9 colors so you'll instantly know who swiped yours. Set the keypad lock to prevent accidental button presses when in your pocket.

  • Countdown Range99 hours 99 minutes 99 seconds
    Countup Range99 hours 99 minutes 99 seconds
    Resolution1 second
    Alarm Sound Level70 dB at 11.8 inches (300 mm)
    Clock Accuracy±1 second / day
    Water ResistanceIP65
    Display0.8 H x 0.8 W inches (20 H x 20 W mm)
    BatteryCR2032 x 1, included, 10,000 hours typical
    Dimensions4.25 H x 1.2 W x 0.62 D inches (108 H x 31 W x 16 D mm)
    Weight0.10 lbs. (1.6 oz.)

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What a handy timer!
My dog needs four kinds of eyedrops every morning which must be given at least 10 minutes apart. I give myself 35 minutes between drops, enabling some half-hour work sessions. I simply get started with the Timolol, slip the lanyard on, press a button, the 35 minutes from the prior timer use appears by default, and I press another button to start the 35-minute countdown. Voila! My husband uses his for a slow-trickle watering of our hemlocks. This timer is also great for pulling clothing out of the dryer. . . any task where you want to wander to another part of the house or yard and would be out of earshot of a stationary timer. Mine is white, hubbie's is black, so we don't get them mixed up. Highly recommended.
October 31, 2016
Excellent timer. Magnets could be stronger but they work. I accidentally dropped it into a pot of simmering hot and sour soup yesterday, fished it out,rinsed it off, dried it, and it was still keeping time. what more can you ask.
December 29, 2016
Good but not perfect
great functionality, but hard for my arthritic fingers to mash the buttons. also, don't like that the mode automatically resets to the clock function after just a few minutes. and lastly, i was grilling outside and the signal does not function in cold weather. I set the timer and although it counts down there is no signal. After i went inside and warmed up i tested the timer and it worked fine, back outside, no sound.
December 3, 2016
Great Device
The TimerStick is a well-designed product that is very helpful. Besides being of great help in the kitchen when I am cooking and baking, I use it for sports and other activities. The magnet and lanyard are great. Having the countdown and count up features make this very worthwhile to own.
February 5, 2017
I love this timer
Simple and Functional. I use it every day. It hangs around my neck and slides into my pocket (my magnet fell out the first week). Braises, Bread proofing, Slow cooks, Hot Pan sears to 6 minute oven. Timing is everything. This let's me have a life and cook as well. I may need to go to the three timer version. (I could take a 45 minute nap during a two hour sour dough proof.)

Love this time and now on sale too.
May 25, 2017
Response from ThermoWorks
Hi Richard,

We’ve very happy to hear that you’re enjoying your TimeStick so much. However, we are sorry to hear that the magnet fell out. It should not have happened, and we want to make things right.

We’ve made arrangements for you to receive a replacement TimeStick. You’ll receive it soon!
May 25, 2017
Rozanne PStaff
Love it
FINALLY, a little timer with a LOUD enough ring at a great price. We use it daily and I appreciate that I can hear it from another room. The brand we used to like you can barely hear if you're 10 feet from it, so this is an excellent improvement. Absolutely no complaints; easy to read and set and use.
May 17, 2017

6 months ago
Answer to my prayers ... burnt too many pots multi-tasking ... am amazed how short 4 minutes is ... like everything about it ... larger buttons would be nice ...
May 17, 2017

6 months ago
Convenient and Very Useful
I would definitely recommend this product to add a level of flexibility and mobility in a commercial kitchen. As bakers, we move around almost continuously and would often get in each other's way when using one common timer. We bought two TimeSticks just to try them out. Now everyone in the kitchen area wants one! Thank you for creating such a convenient tool.
May 18, 2017

6 months ago
Not so perfect
It's to complicated to set a common time~ like 4 minutes. I just want to push a couple buttons~ who's working in seconds anyway!? :(
June 27, 2017

4 months ago
Perfect Size - Easy To Use - Everyone Needs One Of These
Very nice timer, easy to use , small size, slips right into your pocket and just right on the sound level as to be heard but not deafening as some I have used.
May 25, 2017

5 months ago