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Although we make tools for professionals, many of our products find their way into the hands of serious home users. This blog helps personal users fine tune their thermal experiences at home.

For deeper technical info, designed for professional users, go here.ThermoWorks at Work - Learning Center

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Making a Proper Ice Bath

Ever wonder why your thermometer readings are way off when you test them in an ice bath? It’s likely because you haven’t taken the care to create a proper ice bath. Here’s how to be sure the ice mixture in your glass is at the ice point (32°F, 0°C) every time—in 4 easy steps.

(Note: for a discussion of boiling water tests and other calibration points, see Is One Calibration Point Enough?

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  1. Kathleen Billings

    Wow, never knew this. thanks for the info

  2. I understand that the freezing temperature of water changes slightly due to atmospheric pressure. What altitude would you have to be at before it would register as a tenth of a degree higher on the Thermapen?


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