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Although we make tools for professionals, many of our products find their way into the hands of serious home users. This blog helps personal users fine tune their thermal experiences at home.

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Thermometer Speed Test

Here’s a great little video featuring the ThermoWorks calibration lab and one if its reference thermometers (accurate to thousandths of a degree) in a little competitive side-by-side speed testing between the Splash-Proof Thermapen and some of the other “instant read” digital thermometers that are on the market.

If we missed testing your favorite competitor, drop us a line with a recommended test victi…, I mean, subject to and we’ll include it in our next roundup!

An interesting note on the Maverick ProTemp: The ProTemp in the video exhibits something called hysteresis. It works quite ably on the first try but wanders on subsequent attempts until you give a good rest (half an hour or more) at room temperature.

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  1. Jan Schwartz

    I have a five years old Thermapen that has gone way off callibration. It misses by more than 10 degrees at both boiling and icewater despite a new battery.

    Can it be recallibrated at home – or does it need to be sent somewhere?

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