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Although we make tools for professionals, many of our products find their way into the hands of serious home users. This blog helps personal users fine tune their thermal experiences at home.

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Alton Brown’s GEAR For Your Kitchen by Alton Brown

Brown Gear Cover Alton Brown’s GEAR For Your Kitchen by Alton BrownDon’t take our word for it. The Thermapen has been independently reviewed on television, in books, magazines, forums and blogs. It has got to be the most written-about thermal instrument since Gabriel Fahrenheit first published a description of his mercury thermometer.

“The best instant-read I’ve used.” (page 166)

“The thermometer I use most is the Thermapen by ThermoWorks, and, no, I’m not paid to say that…edges out other (cheaper) digitals…faster than any other model… My Thermapen can take a clear internal reading on a wafer-thin piece of sole; cheaper models are very unsure of themselves if the food is less than 1 inch thick.” (page 167)

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