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Although we make tools for professionals, many of our products find their way into the hands of serious home users. This blog helps personal users fine tune their thermal experiences at home.

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Thermal Tips to Simple Turkey

For many, the idea of roasting a turkey seems like a daunting task. All of us have eaten dry, flavorless and over cooked turkey. There are a few simple steps, focused on temperature, that will ensure a moist and flavorful Thanksgiving meal.

Watch as ThermoWorks’ President & CEO, Randy Owen, demonstrates in just a few simple steps how easy preparing your Thanksgiving turkey can be.

Randy Owen Thermal Tips to Simple Turkey

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One comment

  1. I became a fan of ThermoWorks after using the Thermopen and other products I purchased for backyard grilling years ago.

    But it’s this type of Customer Outreach/Informational content that has made me ‘brand loyal’ to ThermoWorks, buying Thermopens as holiday gifts and recommending your products to friends.

    Not only do you make the tools to do the job right, you provide the information in Blogs and videos like this to use them correctly.

    I’m an Avid BBQ’er, and I took away a few subtle hints from this video. i.e. The pocket in the apron to carry the Chef Alarm from counter to oven. How simple.

    Thanks for thinking of us!


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