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Don’t Pay More Than $96 for a Thermapen

We work with a select few authorized dealers who meet a level of service consistent with the quality of ThermoWorks and its products. Authorized dealers sell ThermoWorks products at prices that are relative to those found at

There has been some price confusion brought on by unauthorized Thermapen sellers flooding eBay and Amazon with overpriced Thermapens. We make every effort to investigate and stop unauthorized dealers from causing market confusion with inconsistent prices. One such seller, “5starsolutions,” is charging $199. While other companies promise “Thermapens” at half the retail price. Beware of over-priced Thermapens, low-cost knockoffs, and credit card fraud!

If you’re not sure if someone is an authorized dealer, call us at ThermoWorks (801-756-7705) and we’ll confirm whether they are authorized to sell ThermoWorks products.

To avoid confusion, buy direct from, or authorized dealers. You shouldn’t pay more than about $96 each.


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  1. Joyce D Fuhrman

    I too saw the $199 price on Amazon and wondered what the difference was. Thanks to you I now know there is no difference except the price. When I saw that price I looked for your website and am glad I did.

  2. bob kenyon

    Thanx for selling a quality product and also keeping tabs on the other sellers/scamers.
    Your customers appreciate that.

  3. Let’s keep a running list of these shady characters. souljalb2 is on ebay and trying to make a profit off the other scammers. Beware of these guys. Just because you find it on eBay or Amazon doesn’t make it a bargain.

  4. Thanks VERY much for this one – I, too, wondered about $200 via Amazon. Just ordered via you guys.

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