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BlueTherm Air or Gas Probe

SKU: THS-179-204

BlueTherm Air or Gas Probe

This air/gas probe ensures a fast, accurate response with minimal heat loss.  Maximum probe temperature 250°C.
Works with Apple devices, Windows Mobile PDAs and Android. Includes protective silicone boot.
Sensor Range: -58 to 482°F (-50 to 250°C)
Handle (Heavy Duty): Max Temp 185°F (85°C)
Accuracy: ±0.7°F (±0.4°C) ±0.1% of reading

  • The BlueTherm includes a fast response thermocouple probe for quick readings with an accuracy to ±0.7°F (±0.4°C). Each unit features a dual LED to indicate power status and comms transfer. Press a button on the probe to send the reading.

    For iPhone or iPad users with the free HACCP Mobile™ App, HACCP checklist readings are stored on your mobile device and emailed for reporting. Load a checklist onto your iPhone with a free Windows utility and quickly store item, user, temp reading, hi/lo limits, date, time, and pass/fail result. Its large temp display turns to red or blue if limits are exceeded for quick recovery of food safety issues. HACCP Mobile is free for download on iTunes. For Android users, download the free HACCP Mobile App from Google Play and store your Checklist on your handheld device for quick easy temp taking. Checklists are created with our PC software and emailed to the mobile device.

    For Windows Mobile PDA users, you can record temperatures to your qualified handheld PDA with our Basic Plus software and store readings directly into Excel. Readings are stored to the PDA and downloaded automatically when connected. Store date, time, user, food item or location, temperature, and pass/fail result for each measurement.

    To incorporate temperature readings into your existing mobile app, call for details on BlueTherm Probe drivers (SDK) available on the iOS, Android and Windows platforms.

    Each BlueTherm probe includes a NIST-Traceable certificate of calibration and translucent silicone boot to protect the handle from drops and splashes.

    Included for free download is our ThermaData Studio software suite to record and trend temperature readings directly to your PC via Bluetooth. Data can be stored, graphed, printed and analyzed. The software also works with any of our other ThermaData loggers.

  • Specifications
    -58 to 482°F (-50 to 250°C)
    ±0.7°F (±0.4°C) ±0.1% of reading
    1 x AAA NiMH Rechargeable / up to 36 hours*
    Type K Thermocouple
    0.125 dia. x 5.1 L inches ( 3.3 dia. x 130 L mm)
    with reduced tip to 0.06 dia. inches (1.5 dia. mm)
    10.24 H x 1.57 W inches (260 H x 40 W mm)
    0.20 lb. (90g)
    65 feet (20m)
    Operating Systems
    Apple, Android, Windows Mobile
    CalibrationNIST-Traceable certificate included

    *Battery life depends on host, connection method and sample rate.

  • HACCP Mobile™ for use with Android and iOS devices (iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch)

    Record HACCP checklist temps directly to your iPhone, iPad, or Ipod Touch and eliminate paper logs. Temp readings include item, user, hi/lo limits, date, time, and pass/fail result. Results are emailed for reporting. BlueTherm Probe is charged via USB and runs for up to 36 hours per charge.

    Learn more about HACCP Mobile
    Download the HACCP Mobile Quick Start Guide