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    by Jeff Potter

Cooking For Geeks

by Jeff Potter

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  • Countless new ways to use your cooking thermometer!
  • A refreshing, scientific approach
  • Full of tips, tools and techniques
  • Sprinkled with delicious recipes and cool experiments

Cooking for Geeks is less of a cookbook and more of a Culinary Guide to the Galaxy. Sure, there are delicious recipes sprinkled throughout its 400 pages, but the lion's share of text has been taken over by the what's, why's and how's of cooking.

For example: What determines whether one flavor can be paired with another? Why cook some things at 350°F and others at 375°F? And, how can you use temperature to make my food more flavorful? (Answers inside!)

More than simply a book of questions and answers (this isn't Cooking for Dummies), Potter takes a closer look at ingredients to find out what makes some foods bitter and others sweet. And, what food borne bacteria are most dangerous at what temperatures. As a matter of fact, Cooking for Geeks is not just a book for home users - every commercial kitchen should have a copy of this book, in house!

Pour over in-depth information about how to make your food safer to eat. Parasites vs. Bacteria. Salmonella vs. Trichinosis. Do you know what the temperature "Danger Zone" is? Read the book!

Finally, Cooking for Geeks will show you countless new ways to use your cooking thermometer. There's a whole section on time and temperature! And as everyone knows, cookbooks filled with temperatures are one of our favorite things! This book is an excellent and intriguing resource for anyone who wants to experiment with cooking, even if you don't consider yourself a geek.

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