Food Safety Thermometers

ThermoWorks’ wide range of food safety thermometers and timers are designed to make following food safety guidelines easier and more efficient. Whether you are getting rid of dishwasher test strips with the DishTemp plate-simulating dishwasher thermometer or organizing your HACCP management with our Bluetooth thermometers, or simply taking fast and accurate temperature readings with our Thermapen Mk4 and other instant-read thermometers, you’ll find ThermoWorks products rugged enough to withstand commercial kitchen wear and tear and simple enough to help you easily uphold the importance of food safety in your commercial operations.

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Thermapen® Blue
Bluetooth connected Thermapen with 2-3 second readings, fold-away probe, accuracy to ±0.7°F, NIST-traceable certificate of calibration, range to 572°F, and new waterproof design.
Thermapen® Mk4
Rated #1 by leading Cook's Magazine, Super-Fast 2-3 seconds, waterproof, advanced features.
5-up: $91.00 ea.
Classic Super-Fast® Thermapen®
Super-Fast 2-3 second readings, top rated by leading Cook's magazine. Must-have kitchen tool.
5-up: $73.00 ea.
Saf-T-Log® Paperless HACCP Thermometer
Paperless HACCP, stores checklists with corrective actions, waterproof and rugged
Plate simulating dishwasher tester, records true plate surface temp, waterproof, includes NIST-Tracable certificate
5-up: $57.00 ea.
ProNeedle - The Ultimate Pocket Digital Thermometer
Auto-rotating display, waterproof, 3-4 second readings, 3-inch probe, fits chef coat pocket.
5-up: $27.00 ea.
600D - Super-Fast® Waterproof Pocket Thermometer
Auto-rotating display, waterproof, 5-6 second readings, 4.8-inch probe.
5-up: $24.00 ea.
Super-Fast® Pocket Thermometer (RT600C)
Super-Fast, rated #1, water-resistant, calibration function, Max/Min, NSF.
5-up: $21.00 ea.
Top rated by Cook's Country. Leave-in probe tracks roasts, turkeys, sous vide and more. Uses Pro-Series commercial-grade probes that last longer. High and low alarms.
5-up: $56.00 ea.
ThermaData® WiFi Temp Data Loggers (1 or 2 Probes)
1 or 2 external probes, range to 257°F, Wi-Fi
$174.00 to $219.00
Includes 2-point Cal Cert. 
TempTest 2
Auto rotating display, waterproof with intelligent backlight, Super-Fast probe
5-up: $107.00 ea.
Food Safety Infrared (IRFS)
Optimized for food safety testing, 12:1 optics, single laser, high accuracy, MAX, Hold
2-up: $59.00 ea.
Cold Zone Infrared (CZ-IR)
Best IR for cold chain, adjustable emissivity, high accuracy to 1.1F
$39.00 $49.00
ON SALE!  Normally $49
Industrial IR Gun (IR-GUN-S)
12:1 Optics, point and shoot simplicity, single laser, backlight, handy tool for the gadget guy.
$59.00 $69.00
RayTemp 2 Plus Infrared Thermometer
5:1 Optics, 360° rotating display, adjustable emissivity, includes certificate.
5-up: $73.00 ea. 

Includes 2-point Cal Cert. 
Pro-Surface Thermapen®
Measures surface temps, splash-proof with high accuracy to ±0.7°F
5-up: $114.00 ea.
BlueTherm® One
Type K input, Bluetooth connectivity, LCD display, IP67, 3,000 hours on one AA battery.
Meter Only
Thermometer Probe Wipe Sachet

Carton of 100
No residual aroma, won't taint food, pre-saturated, helps meet HACCP, 1.2 x 2.4-inch wipe
ThermaData® Series II Temp Logger TF (1 External Sensor, Fixed Probe)
1 external fixed probe, range to 257°F, waterproof with display, USB
Food Check Thermocouple Thermometer
One-button operation, fixed K type thermocouple with penetration tip, high accuracy
Commercial timer with four independent alarms. Easy to set, easy to use, Record your own voice alarms. Adjustable alarm volume up to a loud 100dB for noisy commercial kitchens.
5-up: $52.00 ea.
Extra Big & Loud Timer
Adjustable volume to super loud, splash-proof, magnets or flip stand, rugged. Professional quality.
5-up: $25.00 ea.
Therma K Professional Thermocouple
One-button simplicity, K type thermocouple, 5-year battery life
Meter Only

Save $26 on meter & probe kit