Food Safety Thermometers

ThermoWorks’ wide range of food safety thermometers and timers are designed to make following food safety guidelines easier and more efficient. Whether you are getting rid of dishwasher test strips with the DishTemp plate-simulating dishwasher thermometer or organizing your HACCP management with our Bluetooth thermometers, or simply taking fast and accurate temperature readings with our Thermapen Mk4 and other instant-read thermometers, you’ll find ThermoWorks products rugged enough to withstand commercial kitchen wear and tear and simple enough to help you easily uphold the importance of food safety in your commercial operations.

36 Products

Food Check Thermocouple Thermometer
One-button operation, fixed K type thermocouple with penetration tip, high accuracy
ThermaData WiFi Temp Loggers (1 or 2 External Sensors)
1 or 2 external probes, range to 257°F, Wi-Fi
$169.00 to $189.00
Includes 2-point Cal Cert. 
ThermaData™ Series II Temp Logger T (1 Internal Sensor)
1 internal, range to 185°F, waterproof with or without display, USB
$99.00 to $109.00
BlueTherm™ Temperature Probe
Connects to Smartphone, Super-Fast, Includes Free HACCP Mobile App
ThermaData™ Series II Temp Logger TF (1 External Sensor, Fixed Probe)
1 external fixed probe, range to 257°F, waterproof with display, USB
ThermaData™ Series II Temp/Humidity Logger HT (1 Internal Temp Sensor, 1 Internal Humidity Sensor)
1 internal temp, 1 internal humidity, range to 185°F and 0 to 100%RH, with or without display, USB
$149.00 to $169.00
Therma Waterproof
Rugged and waterproof, backlight, 5-year battery life
$119.00 $129.00
Meter only

Save $26 on meter & probe kit
Therma Plus Rugged Waterproof Thermocouple
Aluminum housing, ultra rugged and waterproof, K type thermocouples
Meter Only

Save $26 on meter & probe kit
Ice Bath Mug
Step by step instructions on making a proper ice bath
TempTest 2
Auto rotating display, waterproof with intelligent backlight, Super-Fast probe
5-up: $99.00 ea.
Thermometer Ice Bath Poster, 11 x 17-inch
Full color, UV coated