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    by Rose Levy Beranbaum

Rose's Heavenly Cakes

by Rose Levy Beranbaum

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  • From the acclaimed author of The Cake Bible and The Bread Bible
  • More than 100 comprehensive, step by step recipes
  • 100 full color photos
  • Temperatures on virtually every page

The "Diva of Desserts" does it again! More than two decades after The Cake Bible first burst upon the scene, Rose Levy Beranbaum has written yet another masterful book on cakes. Things have changed in the culinary world in the meantime, but so has Rose. Her tastes have changed to embrace less complexity, and more simplicity. Cakes aren't necessarily hidden under intricately piped frosting and sugar cages any more; and many of Rose's new cakes are left unadorned. In Rose's own words from the introduction: "My goal in writing this second cake book is to continue to share the incredible, extraordinary, and unequaled joy of cake eating and baking."

This book can surprise you with unusual cake ingredients like a can of tomato soup, or quail eggs; yet, at the same time, it remains gracefully true to the integrity of classical methods. Further, not only does Rose explain the significance of specific ingredients; but she includes why and how recipes were developed with their history and lore. Baking is a labor of love rather than a mere process of following instructions.

A collection of four exceptionally moist wedding cakes, a selection of flourless cakes, and a technique for making foolproof mousseline buttercream are among the highlights. With Heavenly Cakes in your kitchen, you'll learn the joy of cake baking through making the ordinary extraordinary.

"In this stunning volume, we are treated to a firsthand experience of cakes the author has refined since her landmark book, The Cake Bible, was published in 1988. Rose's Heavenly Cakes is not merely a successor to it, it is a bright new guide to the glories of cake baking." —Lisa Yockelson, award-winning author of Baking by Flavor and ChocolateChocolate

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