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Keys to Good Cooking by Harold McGee

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  • From Harold McGee, former NY Times food editor & author of On Food and Cooking
  • 550 pages
  • Comprehensive, authoritative food science resource
  • Learn the basics or explore something new

McGee's research brings factual clarity to a foodie world saturated with methods and recipes that contradict each other. Keys to Good Cooking isn't a cookbook, but an easy-to-read guide you'll want to have by your side in the kitchen to better understand the basic techniques & processes of cooking. Our ThermoWorks chefs and editors refer to it constantly.

Best practices with methods and techniques that apply to any recipe are simply explained. Whether you're a novice in the kitchen or a 50-year culinary professional, this book is sure to take your cooking performance to new heights. As Mr. McGee himself says, "The surest way to cook with pleasure and success is to cook with understanding."

From abalone to zucchini, Keys to Good Cooking has the information you need to understand what's happening with your food. More enjoyment in the kitchen and better results are at your fingertips.

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