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Wireless temperature monitoring where you need it. Capture air temperature with confidence and ease with this amazing data logger.
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LogMaster Series 2000 LCD Logger, Thermocouple (TCTemp2000)
Type K Probe Range from -454 to 2498°F, Accuracy to ±0.9°F, Environmental Range from -4 to 140°F, External and Internal sensors, USB connection kit required, 131,071 Readings per Channel
$329.40 $549.00
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T&D Wide Range Illuminance, UV, Temp and Humidity RF Logger (2-EXT)
1 external temp/humidity, 1 external UV/Illuminance, range to 176°F,
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CZ-IR Silicone Protective Boot
Protects from drops, covers mode button to prevent accidental changing of settings
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Nylon Holster with Belt Loop (STACSC)
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Range from 32 to 146°F, Accuracy to ±0.9°F (EggTemp)
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MicroCheck 3-Point Simulator
32, 212, and 500°F, UKAS Accredited Certificate
$95.40 $159.00
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Replacement Electrode for PH Spear
$114.60 $191.00
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Waterproof Pouch, Type K
IP68 rating, 4-inch opening x 7-inch height, useable to 248°F
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Carrying Case for Therma Series
$12.00 $20.00
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5" probe, range to 392°F, 1/8-inch diameter, penetration tip for insertion
$74.25 $82.50
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