ThermoWorks Liquidation

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CaterTemp Plus Waterproof Thermocouple
Ultra rugged aluminum housing with fixed Super-Fast probe, waterproof
$116.40 $194.00
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Wireless temperature monitoring where you need it. Capture air temperature with confidence and ease with this amazing data logger.
$161.40 $269.00
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SST immersion probe (1/8" x 7"L)
For use with the RTR-502
$43.80 $73.00
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CZ-IR Silicone Protective Boot
Protects from drops, covers mode button to prevent accidental changing of settings
$4.50 $9.00
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Nylon Holster with Belt Loop (STACSC)
$11.40 $19.00
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Range from 32 to 146°F, Accuracy to ±0.9°F (EggTemp)
$113.40 $189.00
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Carrying Case for Therma Series
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5" probe, range to 392°F, 1/8-inch diameter, penetration tip for insertion
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