Gardening and Composting Thermometers

Composting requires temperature management for proper decomposition, and destruction of harmful pathogens and weed seeds. Temperature affects humidity levels and plant intake of CO2, not to mention pest control. Digital probe thermometers, data logging devices, and instant read thermometers will help nurture your green thumb.

8 Products

Heavy Duty Waterproof Thermometer, 12-inch (RT610B-12)
12-inch probe, heavy duty, waterproof, T-shaped, perfect for composting.
Heavy Duty Waterproof Thermometer, 24-inch (RT610B-24)
24-inch probe, heavy duty, waterproof, T-shaped, perfect for composting.
Waterproof pH Meter, ±0.3pH accuracy (8680)
Low-cost pH meter, up to 3 point calibration, one-touch auto-cal
SALE: Save 25%
Industrial IR Gun (IR-GUN-S)
12:1 Optics, point and shoot simplicity, single laser, backlight, handy tool for the gadget guy.
Food Safety Infrared (IRFS)
Optimized for food safety testing, 12:1 optics, single laser, high accuracy, MAX, Hold
Extra Big & Loud Timer
Adjustable volume to super loud, splash-proof, magnets or flip stand, rugged. Professional quality. A gift everyone could use.
5-up: $25.00 ea.
TimeStick Trio®
Easiest-to-use triple timer. One-handed use with neck lanyard, backlight, splash-proof, intuitive. Available in 9 colors. For the multi-tasking chef on your list.
5-up: $30.00 ea.
Pocket-sized, fits chef coat, count-down, count-up, clock with neck lanyard, splash-proof, great stocking stuffer. Available in 9 colors. A gift everyone would love getting.
5-up: $21.00 ea.