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EasyLog GFX Logger with Display, Temp -2 External Thermocouple Probes Sold Separately (TW-GFX-DTC)


  • Log up to 250,000 data points
  • Battery operated and portable 
  • Logging rates from every 2 Seconds (from 10 seconds for probe-less units)
  • Review summary data right on display or connect to a PC for full data access
  • Start/Stop recording without reconnecting to PC
  • High & Low alarms with audible and visual alerts
  • Review and reset Min/Max temps on logger
  • Magnetic wall mounting bracket included
  • Rugged construction
  • Standard or high accuracy models
  • Store multiple logging sessions on a single unit between downloads

Data logging can be demanding. Sometimes you need a high capacity logger with sensitive probes. Other times you need a portable logger in a truck when you’re out in the field or on the floor and aren’t near your computer to review the data. The new GFX line of loggers answers the bell every time.

  • The GFX loggers can be set up in a matter of minutes on a PC with the included software and USB connection cable. Customize your logging session with a feature rich menu meant to enable, not overwhelm, then decide when to begin.

    Setting and checking alarms is easy and you get to choose how you’re alerted to an alarming event. You can also choose how long an alarm condition is present before it alerts you to minimize false alarms from temporary disruptions. You can even set a target temperature (or humidity condition) that must be reached to trigger the logger to start recording to minimize premature data capture.

    The standard accuracy models are perfect for most logging challenges and when you need elevated precision the (+) plus models give you an increased level of accuracy.

    When you need a solid logger that you can take anywhere you can count on the GFX series.

  • Specifications
    SensorExternal TempGFX-DTC
    Temp. Range–328 to 2462°F (–200 to 1350°C) for K type depending on thermocouple used
    Temp. Accuracy±0.9°F (±0.5°C) Logger only

    TW-GFX-DTC: ±0.9F (±0.5°C) Logger only

    Sensor Type 1Thermocouple / 2 Thermocouples
    Sample Rate2 sec and 1 hr
    Operating Environment–14 to 104°F(–10 to 40°C)
    Water ResistanceIP55
    MemoryStores over 250,000 readings per channel
    Battery2 x 3.6V 1⁄2AA; 4-6 months typical
    SoftwareCompatible with 32-bit & 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Vista, & 7, 8, 10
    Dimensions4 H × 1.9 W × 1.2 D inches (102 H × 48.5 W × 30.5 D mm)

    *Passivation: If left unused for extended periods of time, the Lithium batteries used in the EasyLog range of data loggers naturally form a nonconductive internal layer, preventing them from self-discharge and effectively increasing their shelf life. When first installed in the data logger, this may cause a momentary drop in the battery voltage (the Transient Minimum Voltage) as the internal layer is broken down, resulting in the data logger resetting. Inserting the batteries in the data logger and leaving it connected to a PC for about 30 seconds will remove this layer. After this, remove and re-install the batteries to reset the data logger. Overall battery life will not be affected.

  • Click here to download the free software.

    ThermoWorks EasyLog Software

    • Simple operation
    • Set alarms and settings
    • PC/Windows based software

    For use with EasyLog data loggers. Fast USB downloading and setup.  Export reports to Excel or review tables and graphs right in the software.   

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