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EasyLog USB Logger, Temp/Hum, High Accuracy (TW-USB-2+) (Add Accredited Cal with Item CAL-RH2PT)


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In Stock

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EasyLog USB Logger, Temp/Hum, High Accuracy (TW-USB-2+) (Add Accredited Cal with Item CAL-RH2PT)

  • High accuracy models (TW-USB-2+, TW-USB-2-LCD+)
  • Temperature, humidity, and dew point
  • Connects directly to PC via USB
  • LED alarm indication
  • No cables, dongles or docks
  • Software included
  • TW-USB-2+ and TW-USB-2-LCD+ approved for immunization labs

Our new USB Data Loggers are a cost-effective solution for logging temperature and humidity data just about anywhere. With built-in alarm LEDs you'll know before you download that there has been a danger condition. Set the logging interval and the start time from the PC software and it's that easy. There are no cables, cradles, or dongles to keep track of.

High Accuracy Temperature and Humidity Loggers
The TW-USB-2+ and TW-USB-2-LCD+ loggers feature high accuracy for temperature, humidity and dewpoint. New! Record critical temperature and humidity data with precision to ±0.6°F (±0.3°C) and ±2% RH.

Waterproof Applications
With an IP 67 rating, our TW-USB-2 & TW-USB-2+ loggers are water resistant and can log in the harshest environments. Store up to 16,382 readings at temperatures to 176°F.

TW-USB-2+ /
Input High-Accuracy Sensor—
Temperature, Humidity, Dewpoint;
LCD Display (on LCD unit)
Environmental RangeTemp: -31 to 176°F (-35 to 80°C)
Humid: 0% to 100%
Measurement RangeTemp: -31°F to 176°F (-35°C to 80°C)
Humid: 0% to 100%
Temperature Accuracy±0.6°F (±0.3°C) Typical from
20-80% RH
±3.0°F (±1.5°C) Max;
Humidity Accuracy±2% RH Typical from 20-80% RH
±4% RH Max
Dewpoint: ±2°F (±1.1°C), 40 to 100% RH @ 77°F (25°C)
Humidity ResponseApprox. 20 min _ ambient monitoring
Up to 4 hours _ step changes*
Sample RateUser selectable 10s to 12h
Battery3.6V 1/2AA / 3-6 months typical, 1 year max**
ResolutionTemp: 1°F (0.5°C), Humid: 0.5%
AlarmsHi/Low programmable for both
Alarm StatusRed/Green LED
Memory16,328 readings per channel
Logging StartDelay or immediate, and push-button on LCD unit
IP Rating (water resistance)IP67 (TW-USB-2 & TW-USB-2+ only)
SoftwareWindows 98, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 10

*Approx. 20 minutes to 90% of reading when tracking environmental changes. Up to 4 hours for step changes in humidity (for example if calibrating the product).

**Battery life is affected by sample rate, ambient temperature and use of alarm LED.

Visit our Help Center For more information and troubleshooting tips.

High accuracy models TW-USB-2+ and TW-USB-2-LCD+ with temperature accuracy to ±0.3°C, and humidity accuracy to ±2%RH.

Approved for immunization labs.

Plugs directly into USB port. No cables or adapter required. Software is included.

View data graphically or export to spreadsheet.

Plug any type K, J, or T thermocouple into the TW-USB-TC or TW-USB-TC-LCD logger.
Click here to order probes.

Rugged Metal Case
Fits TW-USB-1 or -2, watertight to IP67/NEMA-4X.

(NOTE: When using with the TW-USB-2 Temp/Humidity logger, measurements are limited to temperature only)

Click here to download the free software.

ThermoWorks EasyLog Software

  • Simple operation
  • Set alarms and settings
  • PC/Windows based software

For use with EasyLog data loggers. Fast USB downloading and setup.  Export reports to Excel or review tables and graphs right in the software.