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EasyLog WiFi Logger, Dual Channel Thermocouple (TW-WiFi-DTC)


Requires a WiFi network.

  • WiFi capability with large LCD display
  • Wireless connectivity to PC or Cloud using existing WiFi network
  • Capable of logging over 250,000 readings
  • Rechargeable lithium battery, 6 months typical
  • Configurable Hi/Lo alarms - text and email alerts
  • Data collected without logger removal
  • Wall bracket included
  • NEW! Cloud Storage

Use your existing WiFi network to record temperature and humidity data directly to your PC. With convenient setup tools and logger features, setup of wireless data has never been easier. Simply connect a logger to your PC with the supplied USB cable to connect it to your network.  Once connected you just set up your logging and alarm parameters and start recording data. It's that easy.

  • Once connected, you manage the loggers from your PC or the cloud _ set alarm limits, sample rates, transmission rates, change logger IDs, view battery levels, and monitor readings in real-time. Alarm conditions are displayed on the large digit logger display and you'll get visual and audio alerts while the software is open on your PC. An optional alarm Hold feature keeps alarms visual even when conditions return to normal.

    Store data to the cloud and access critical temperature and humidity data from anywhere with an active browser. Edit logger parameters, view trend graphs, download data and setup alarms all in the cloud.

    If WiFi connectivity is low or lost, no worry. The data logger will continue to record on board (up to 1 million readings on Temp loggers and 500,000 readings on humidity logger) until a connection is reestablished.

    Includes a large digit high contrast LCD display so regular sight monitoring is easy and convenient. Current readings, max/min, alarm condition, battery warning, and connection strength are shown directly on the logger display. A handy WiFi strength indicator keeps you constantly updated on your connection.

    With a built-in rechargeable battery, you'll save money not buying expensive logger batteries. Each logger will record up to one year on a full charge before the lithium battery will need to be recharged via its USB connection. The Easylog software displays the battery level of every logger connected so you'll have plenty of notice before a recharge is required. The battery can be recharged via a PC, a USB 5+V wall adapter, or a portable USB battery pack using the USB lead provided.

    Monitor ambient conditions of labs, walk-in cooler temperatures, cold holding of food products, vaccine refrigerators, prep areas, freezers, and much more. The TW-WIFI-T (or T+) model uses an internal sensor to record ambient conditions. Choose the TW-WiFi-TP (or TP+) with an external probe or TW-WIFI-DTP+ (dual channel) for temperature monitoring to 257°F (125°C) with an accuracy to ±0.9°F. The TW-WIFI-TH (or TH+) is the unit to choose when temperature and humidity need to be monitored.

    Connect a thermocouple probe to the TW-WIFI-TC or new TW-WIFI-DTC (dual Channel) model and increase the usable range and versatility. With hundreds of standard probes to choose from, use a Wi-Fi logger to monitor your critical processes with data access stored directly to the PC or the cloud.

    We haven't found a wireless logger this easy to use and setup with lots of the same features included with the expensive loggers. You'll love the large display and convenience of running your loggers from the PC or cloud.

  • Specifications
    SensorExternal Temp
    Temp. Range-270 to 1300°F (-454 to 2372°C) for K type depending on thermocouple used
    Temp. Accuracy±2.7°F (±1.5°C) 32 to 752°F (0 to 400°C) (Meter only)
    Sensor Type 2 Thermocouples
    Sample Rate10 sec to 12 hrs
    RF Frequency802.11b compliant
    Operating Environment-4 to 140°F(-20 to 60°C)
    Water ResistanceIP55
    MemoryCapable of logging greater then 250,000 data set entries
    BatteryInternal lithium polymer battery rechargeable via USB connection; 6 months typical*
    SoftwareCompatible with 32-bit & 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Vista, & 7
    Dimensions3.8 H x 2.8 W x 1 D inches (97 H x 71 W x 26 D mm)

    *Battery life is dependent on: transmission period, WiFi encryption method, signal strength, sample rate and operating temperature. Requires 24-hour charge before initial use. Subsequent battery recharging sessions may takeæup to 8 hours to obtain a full charge.

  • Click here to download the free software.

    ThermoWorks EasyLog WiFi Software

    • Simple operation
    • Set alarms and settings
    • PC/Windows based software

    For use with EasyLog WiFi data loggers. Connect to the PC or to your cloud account. 

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