ThermaQ® WiFi

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Meter only,
Save on meter and probe kits


ThermaQ® WiFi

Meter only,
Save on meter and probe kits

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ThermaQ is available in Standard,Bluetooth, and WiFi versions.


  • Track temperatures anywhere Wi-Fi is available
  • Includes free ThermaQ app
  • Get alerts on your smartphone or tablet
  • High and low alarm tracking
  • Max/min temperatures
  • Log and graph temperature changes
  • 2-channel Type K thermocouple inputs
  • High accuracy to ±0.7°F
  • Extended range to 2500°F (1372°C)
  • Multi-use mounting bracket included

Designed for serious competition BBQ pitmasters and those who want to cook like them. Commercial-grade quality and high accuracy meet smartphone convenience.

Measure 2 thermocouple probes simultaneously on your smart device. Free software tracks high/low alarms and alerts you when your food is ready. Interchangeable Type K thermocouples. Durable and made in the U.K. with Thermapen accuracy.

Includes multi-use wall bracket for wall or tripod mounting. Bracket is also a bench top stand.

  • Measure two thermocouple probes simultaneously on your smart device. Free downloadable app tracks high/low alarms, max/min temperatures, and alerts you when your smoker temperatures fall out of range, or when your food is ready. Log and graph temperature changes on your device. Export for archiving or analysis. Choose from hundreds of interchangeable Type K thermocouple probes, including ones with armored or overbraid cables and high temperature probes. Rugged ThermaQ WiFi housing is durable and splashproof. Hand-assembled in the U.K. in the same factory where the Thermapen Mk4 is made.

    The ThermaQ WiFi connects to your smart device through your Wi-Fi router and remains connected as long as a Wi-Fi signal is present. Perfect for monitoring your cook at home, in a commercial kitchen, or wherever a Wi-Fi hotspot or router is present.

  • Specifications
    Range-328 to 2502°F (-199.9 to 1372°C)
    Environmental Range
    -4°F to 122°F (-20° to 50°C)
    Resolution0.1° or 1°
    Accuracyto ±0.7°F (±0.4°C) ±1% of reading
    Battery2 x AA, 4000 hours
    Sensor TypeType K Thermocouple
    Measurement Interval 30 seconds, 1 minute, 5 minutes, and 10 minutes
    Wi-Fi Radio
    802.11b/g/n (2.4 Ghz)
    Water Resistance IP55 rated
    Display0.47 inches (12mm) LCD
    Dimensions 2.6 H x 4.4 W x 1.3 D inches (66 H x 112 W x 34 D mm)
    Weight0.36lb. (165g)
  • Download the FREE ThermaQ App



    Your Pit Temps Travel with You
    Pair multiple ThermaQ devices (Blue or WiFi) to the same smartphone or tablet. Monitor your pit and meat temps wherever you go

    Get Alerts at Critical Temps
    Set high and low alarms for pit temps. Get alerted when your pit falls out of range so you can add fuel or close vents. Set high alarm alerts for food.

    Graph and Export your Cooks
    The ThermaQ app graphs your cook temps for your visual verification. Export your temps and graphs for archiving or further analysis.

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    Click here to download the ThermaQ firmware

    Download Instructions for Firmware Update