Thermistor vs. Thermocouple

Beware of Copy-Cats

Some of the competition have noticed the huge success of the Thermapen and have produced a few knock-offs. They all seem to think that the success must be just the shape and the rotating probe because that’s what they’ve copied. But to compete with our price, instead of a fast thermocouple sensor, they use cheaper thermistors that are larger, and much, much slower (6 or 7 times). Some of these even advertise 1 second response times. Test them! Insert the probe in stirred ice water and watch how long it takes to go to 32°F (20+ seconds!). They’re trying to sell you a $20 pocket thermometer for 3 or 4 times as much by making it look like the Thermapen! That way they don’t cut into the sales of their own $100+ thermocouple meters. DON’T BE FOOLED!