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  • UTRIX-16 with 16,000 reading capacity
  • Hi/low alarms with indicator
  • Push button log start
  • Real-time clock for time stamp recording
  • Range from -13 to 158°F
  • 2 year battery life (not replaceable)
  • Integrated USB connector for downloading and programming
  • Inspection marking during log

Record temperature data for easy download to your PC with our new Logtag temperature logger. Program a start time or simply press start on the logger and record up to 16,000 readings with date and time stamp for quick download to your PC.

Finally, a data logger that lets you (or anyone else) download a PDF of your data log without additional hardware or software. Simply plug the unit into a PC or MAC and the PDF report is automatically generated. Downloading data no longer requires special software!

Free software is available to help you program the loggers and for more detailed data downloads.

With a built-in alarm indicator you can quickly see if an alarm condition exits during your recording session. With an IP64 waterproof rating, and at about the size of a credit card, these handy loggers can record temperatures from -13 to 158°F in the harshest environments.

During logging sessions inspection marks can be created at the press of a button. The software displays the inspection marks, and summary data is created for data recorded between marks.

Download data with integrated USB connector, no special software required. Software-free report is in PDF format and downloads in less than 30 seconds. Use the free software to set up the logger and for more detailed downloads. No additional hardware required!

-13 to 158°F (-25 to 70°C)
Storage Temp Range
32 to 104°F (0 to 40°C)
±0.9°F (±0.5°C) for -4 to 104°F (-20 to 40°C)
±1.3°F (±0.7°C) for -13 to -4°F & 104 to 140°F
(-25 to -20°C & 40 to 60°C)
±1.5°F (±0.8°C) for 140 to 158°F
( 60 to 70°C)
0.1°C/F over full range
16,000 readings
Sample Rate
Adjustable, 30 sec. to 18 hours
Waterproof Rating
IP64 with cap installed
3V lithium manganese, 2 years typical (not replaceable)
3.7 H x 2.1 W x 0.33 D inches (93 H x 54.5 W x 8.6 D mm)
1.2 oz. (35 g)

Visit our Help Center For more information and troubleshooting tips.

Click here to download the free software.

LogTag Analyzer Software

  • Display and print charts
  • Overlay multiple logs
  • PC/Windows based software
  • Supports FDA 21 CFR part 11
  • Shows inspection and download markers

For use with LogTag data loggers. Fast USB downloading and setup.  Export reports to Excel or review tables and graphs right in the software.