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Comfort Cooks

Life can be stressful, especially lately. At ThermoWorks, we believe in the power of beautifully cooked food to restore the soul. So we invite you to take a short break to celebrate some simple pleasures. Stay tuned as we add to the series. These are not recipes. We’re not arguing technique. No sales. No pitch. Just because...

Searing a Rib Roast

Sizzling Steak

Saucing BBQ Spare Ribs

Sizzling Cheeseburgers

Slicing Ribeye

Kneading the Dough

Tomahawk on the Coals

Hot Coals

Butter Basting Steak

Cutting Steaks from a Prime Rib Roast

Join Us for Breakfast

Bacon Sizzling in the Skillet

Making Pizza by Hand

Slicing Brisket