Curing Your Automation Anxiety with BlueTherm™ and HACCP Mobile™

The JungleBehind every good HACCP program is a daily checklist for recording temperatures. Every day. Twice a day. Like clockwork. The time and effort that goes into making sure records are thorough and accurate may leave you asking yourself if there isn't a faster, and more accurate way to maintain your records.

In an effort to find an automation solution, you've looked into new "gadgets," considered your staff, and checked the budget, and may have concluded that a $20 pocket thermometer will have to do. Ironically, checklist automation often ends up costing more time and money - and you don't want to complicate the already arduous task of temperature documentation.

The good news is, advancements in thermometry, Bluetooth technology and smartphone use, have made automating temperature checklists easier and more affordable. With the new HACCP Mobile App and BlueTherm Bluetooth thermocouple probe, you can conquer your automation jitters and finally streamline your HACCP program.

Here are three automated checklist fears solved with the BlueTherm and HACCP Mobile:

1 - I Can't Afford to Retrain My Entire BOH Staff

While it's true that some automated checklist systems are difficult to operate and come with pages of training materials, the same can't be said for the free HACCP Mobile™ App. It's intuitive by design, and is presented in a simple format, familiar to your end users.

In only a few moments you can train your entire staff to measure and record temperatures. Implementation will be a cinch, which means it'll be easier to win over team members who may be resistant to change.

It's as easy as inserting your BlueTherm™ probe into the food item and pressing a button on the probe, which records the temperature to your iDevice. Select the next item on the list and repeat.

No complicated custom handhelds or multi-step processes for taking a temperature measurement. The App is free and, well - you've just had the training.

2 - Automated Systems Are Too Complicated

By design, HACCP Mobile is intuitive. There are no complicated disks to download, or pages of operating instructions. You don't even need a PC connection. Simply email checklists and data back and forth. The desktop utility is available for download at ThermoWorks, and the one-click downloadable App is available in iTunes. HACCP Mobile is so simple, we doubt you'll need the instructions.

A Free desktop utility allows you to create a company profile, build custom lists specific to your operation, set Pass/Fail parameters remedial actions, and email groups. It really is that easy!

3 - Automated Systems Are Expensive and I Don't Want to Incur Monthly Charges

As you've explored other systems, no doubt you've come across mobile platforms that cost upwards of $1000, not to mention costly software, and monthly service subscriptions. These solutions are often complicated, require extensive training, increase staff resistance and leave you with anxieties surrounding checklist automation.

By comparison, the HACCP Mobile App is free! The only expense you'll incur is the cost of the BlueTherm probe, at $229.

The BlueTherm is affordable versus the $400 to $500 for competing wireless probes. It includes a fast response thermocouple for readings in about 3-4 seconds with an accuracy to ±0.7°F (±0.4°C) and a wide temperature range (-58 to 572°F). Each wireless unit features a dual LED to indicate power status and comms transfer. Simply press a button on the probe to send temperatures to your iDevice. By design, there are no grime traps, gaps for food build-up, or cables to tangle and break.

Don't let the myths that surround automated checklists keep you from changing the way you approach your daily routines. With HACCP Mobile you'll quickly realize the benefits of automation. Save staff time, get better and more accurate results, save over other costly systems and all with a smoother implementation.

HACCP Mobile is an intuitive, manageable and cost effective solution that will cure your automation anxiety and improve your HACCP program.