Restauranteurs: Reduce Waste with an Accurate Thermocouple Thermometer

Successful restauranteurs know that a huge part of the success of their business lies in their ability to control food cost. While it's impossible to completely root out all waste, investing in something as small as a thermocouple thermometer can drastically reduce guest complaints, which may result in food coming back to the kitchen, re-fires and wasted product; all as a result of improperly cooked food.

This is especially true when it comes to the grill station. Often food items in this station account for the largest portion of food cost, and are menu items that are frequently returned to the kitchen because they are either over (or under) cooked. On any given night, hundreds of steaks, fish filets and chicken breasts are served, and each one must be cooked to the perfect internal temperature. No matter how experienced your grill cooks, they will never be able to accurately identify the internal temperature of a piece of meat without a thermometer.

Chefs manning the grill station in a high-volume restaurant need a thermometer (like the Super-Fast Thermapen) to rapidly temp everything that comes off their grates. The speed and accuracy of a Thermapen (3-second readings, and ±0.7°F accuracy) allows them to keep pace in a busy kitchen and have confidence that everything is being cooked to temperature.

The Thermapen's Super-Fast speed comes as a result of its probe design. Because a thermocouple is made from the junction of two different metals, the possibilities for various mechanical designs are greater than for other sensors. Very fine gauge wire are employed to create a tiny sensor assembly. With a reduced tip probe measuring only a 1/16th of an inch in diameter, the Thermapen pierces the thinnest cuts of meat without leaving a trace, and records an accurate temperature in only 3 seconds. Instant, accurate temperature readings mean food can go out right the first time.

When it comes to accuracy, health departments require a maximum ±2°F from thermometers. ThermoWorks employs special grade thermocouple wiring in the Thermapen that renders probe accuracy to better than ±0.7°F. With higher accuracy, there's a better chance that the temperature displayed on the device IS the actual internal temperature of the food. Chefs will - with pinpoint accuracy - be able to deliver steaks cooked perfectly to guest's specifications - every time. Wasted food, as a result of over (or under) cooking will become a thing of the past.

The simple addition of a thermocouple thermometer to your chef's station can immediately impact your P&L. Stopping the flow of food BACK to the kitchen means tables will be turned faster, guests will leave happier (and be more likely to return), and pricey food items will not be thrown into the waste bin.