Thank You, Teachers & Educators

At ThermoWorks, we value our teachers and educators, especially those who encourage today’s youth to cultivate a passion for home cooking and baking. We also believe such educators should be equipped with the very best tools. Temperature plays a big role in baking, and students should know how to use temperature as an ingredient for the best results. That means they need the best thermometers to achieve this goal.

Through our partnership with the Home Baking Association, we’re offering exclusive educator pricing for ThermoPop® (featured in the video below).

For a detailed catalogue of discounted products and pricing for educators, contact Wes Gilger (contact info below).

The Importance of Temperature in Baking

As any experienced baker knows, measuring temperature is critical to success in baking, whether it’s checking water temps for yeast, monitoring the temperature of ingredients like butter and flour, or verifying the doneness of the finished product. Watch as ThermoWorks’ own Chef Martin breaks down all the things you need to know about baking temperatures, including revealing the best finish temperatures for everything from cheesecake to cookies and from cakes to breads.

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