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ThermaData® Series II Temp Logger HTF (1 Ext. Temp & Humidity Fixed Probes)
1 internal temp, 1 external humidity, range to 185°F and 0 to 100%RH, with or without display, USB
$169.00 to $199.00
ThermaData® Stainless Steel USB Temp Data Logger
Fully submersible, range to 221°F, 3-year battery life, 5 models from 2-inch to 8-inch, USB
$95.40 to $125.40 $159.00
Closeout—Limited quantities on hand.
pH Calibration Buffers
NIST-certified, 500ml and 20ml sizes individual and in kits
$15.00 to $56.00
Accredited IR/Probe Combo Temperature Calibration, 3 point.
3-points @ 32, 140, and 212°F (IR) and 32, 122 and 212°F (probe) , A2LA Accredited Certificate (Please allow 1-2 weeks for cal lab processing)
ThermoWorks Apron
3-colors, adjustable, heavyweight 7.5 oz twill, lots of pockets.
Classic Super-Fast® Thermapen®
Super-Fast 2-3 second readings, top rated by leading Cook's magazine. Must-have kitchen tool.
5-up: $73.00 ea.
TimeStick Trio®
Easiest-to-use triple timer. One-handed use with neck lanyard, backlight, splash-proof, intuitive. Available in 9 colors. For the multi-tasking chef on your list.
5-up: $30.00 ea.
Pocket-sized, fits chef coat, count-down, count-up, clock with neck lanyard, splash-proof, great stocking stuffer. Available in 9 colors. A gift everyone would love getting.
5-up: $21.00 ea.
Ultra-simple probe-style oven alarm. Uses Pro-Series commercial-grade probes that last longer. High temperature alarm. Beats houseware brands for ease of use and survivability. Every kitchen should have a DOT.
5-up: $37.00 ea.
Extra Big & Loud Timer
Adjustable volume to super loud, splash-proof, magnets or flip stand, rugged. Professional quality. A gift everyone could use.
5-up: $25.00 ea.
ChefAlarm® Cooking Alarm Thermometer
Top rated by Cook's Country. Leave-in probe tracks roasts, turkeys, sous vide and more. Uses Pro-Series commercial-grade probes that last longer. High and low alarms.
5-up: $56.00 ea.
Super-Fast, first-ever rotating display, splash-proof with large digits, top rated by Cook's.
5-up: $28.00 ea.
Thermapen® Mk4
Rated #1 by leading Cook's Magazine, Super-Fast 2-3 seconds, waterproof, advanced features. The perfect gift you won't find anywhere else.
5-up: $91.00 ea.
ThermoWorks Ice Cream Spade
Spade version, heat pipe technology, hard anodized
The Food Lab
by J. Kenji Lopez-Alt
$34.97 $49.95
SAVE 30%
T&D Temp & Humidity PoE Ethernet Logger (TR-72NW)
1 external temp, 1 external humidity, range to 131°F and 10 to 95%RH, free web storage, PoE Ethernet
T&D Temp PoE Ethernet Logger with 2 External Sensors (TR-71NW)
2 external temp, probe range to 230°F, free web storage, PoE Ethernet
High Accuracy IR with Type T Thermocouple Input (IRT-2)
12:1 Optics, range to 1022°F, type T input, high accuracy
Meter only,
Save on meter and probe kits
Thermapen Mk4 Silicone Boot, Magnetic Glow-in-the-Dark
Magnetic, glow-in-the-dark, translucent, protects from drops and radiant heat. (Fits Mk4 Thermapen only)
Tadiran High Energy Lithium Battery AA 3.6 Volts
For ThermaData KTC Loggers