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Tadiran High Energy Lithium Battery AA 3.6 Volts
For ThermaData KTC Loggers
DishTemp® - Plate-simulating Dishwasher Thermometer
Plate simulating dishwasher tester, records true plate surface temp, waterproof, includes NIST-Tracable certificate
5-up: $57.00 ea.
USB Power Cord Standard A to Mini B
Use to charge BlueTherm probes and TR-7 series
ThermaQ® Meathead Kit
Includes hi-temp meat probe, air probe, MTC and Super-Fast probe
$302.00 $337.00
Buy in a kit and save!
Kit Value $337
Long-Stem Water-Resistant Min/Max Thermometer (RT304-8)
8-inch standard probe, lollipop style, water-resistant, Max/Min
5-up: $19.00 ea.
ThermaQ® Sous Vide Kit
Includes Tape, Meter, and Probe
$202.00 $227.00
Buy in a kit and save!
Kit Value $227
BlueTherm® Infrared Probe
Bluetooth infrared probe, connects to smartphone or tablet, includes rubber boot
Discontinued—See the New RayTemp Blue
ThermaQ® Frying / Brewing Kit
Includes dual 12-inch probes and pot clip
$227.00 $253.00
Buy in a kit and save!
Kit Value $253
ThermaQ® High Temp Armored Kit
With High Temp Probes
$221.00 $253.00
Buy in a kit and save!
Kit Value $253
ThermaQ® Kit
Professional BBQ tool for the serious BBQ lover. Includes meat probe and air probe with grate clip. A truly unique gift!
$208.00 $240.00
Buy in a kit and save!
Kit Value $240
Replacement for RTR-505TC modules
ThermaQ® 2 Channel Thermocouple Alarm
Professional thermocouple instrument, high and low alarms on both channels, splashproof, uses K thermocouples, a grillmaster favorite.
Meter only,
Save on meter and probe kits
Pot Clip, Stainless Steel
Fits Pro-Series Probes, attaches to side of pan (included with ChefAlarm)
Glycol Bottle, Thermal Buffer, 120ml
Includes lid and penetration cap for inserting probe
Probe Clip, Single Hole, SST
SST, attaches to side of pot, for use with 0.20-inch diameter probes. Use with the RT610B and RT610B-12. Not for use with the RT610B-24.
IRK-2 Meter & Probe Kit
IRK-2 plus Super-Fast type K probe
$114.00 $140.00
Meter & probe kit. $140 value