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ThermaData® WiFi Temp Data Loggers (1 or 2 Probes)
1 or 2 external probes, range to 257°F, Wi-Fi
$179.00 to $219.00
Includes 2-point Cal Cert. 
Commercial timer with four independent alarms. Easy to set, easy to use, Record your own voice alarms. Adjustable alarm volume up to a loud 100dB for noisy commercial kitchens. A unique gift they won't get from anyone else.
5-up: $52.00 ea.
Pro-Series® Probe Cable Extension
3.3 foot (1 meter) extension for all Pro-Series probes. Works exclusively with ThermoWorks Signals, Smoke, ChefAlarm, BlueDOT, and DOT
Thermapen Wall Bracket
Stainless steel wall bracket with mounting holes for Thermapens. Fits Mk4 Thermapen with boot installed (rear-facing) as well as all models of Thermapens without boots installed.
Thermapen® IR
Same industry-leading speed and accuracy of the Mk4 Thermapen with a built-in professional infrared thermometer. Two tools in one!
5-up: $129.00 ea.
Diva Q's Barbecue by Danielle Bennett
$17.46 $24.95
SAVE 30%
Hi-Temp Professional Infrared w/USB Interface, to 1600°C (IR-PRO-75)
75:1 Optics, range to 2912°F, type K input, data capture and downloading
BlueTherm® One
Type K input, Bluetooth connectivity, LCD display, IP67, 3,000 hours on one AA battery.
Meter Only.  Included 2 point calibration certificate.  
Keys to Good Cooking by Harold McGee
$14.00 to $24.50
SAVE 30%
Limited Edition Thermapen® Mk4
Limited Editions of the Fastest and most accurate instant-read thermometer on the market!
Replacement for RTR-505PT modules
Smoke™ Gateway (Wi-Fi bridge for Smoke)
Smoke Gateway only; Smoke BBQ Thermometer sold separately.
ThermaData® WiFi Temp Loggers (1 Removable External Sensor)
1 probe, range to 257°F, Wi-Fi
Includes 2-point Cal Cert. 
ThermaData® WiFi Thermocouple Logger (2 External T type mini-connector inputs)
Dual T thermocouple inputs, range to 752°F, large display, Wi-Fi
Includes 2-point Cal Cert. Logger only. Probes sold separately.
ThermaData® WiFi Thermocouple Logger (2 channel, Type K)
Dual K thermocouple inputs, range to 2501°F, large display, Wi-Fi
Includes 2-point Cal Cert. Logger only. Probes sold separately.
EveryDayCook by Alton Brown
$24.50 $35.00
SAVE 40%
AC power supply for the TR-7nw/wf series
Hi-Temp Silicone Spatula
Dishwasher safe, rated to 600°F, won't fade or discolor. Match your thermometer - 10 colors. Great stocking stuffer!
Utrix-16 Range to 158°F. Accuracy to ±0.9°F, IP64 with cap installed, 16,000 readings
1490 Pelican Case w/ Die Cut Foam
Ultra Rugged Protective Case
$119.40 $199.00
SAVE 40%—Closeout!