• DOT<sup>®</sup> Simple Alarm Thermometer

    DOT® Simple Alarm Thermometer

    Ultra-simple probe-style oven alarm. Uses Pro-Series commercial-grade probes that last longer. High temperature alarm. Beats houseware brands for ease of use and survivability. Every kitchen should have a DOT.

    Black Friday Special
    Limited Time
  • Extra Big & Loud Timer

    Extra Big & Loud Timer

    Adjustable volume to super loud, splash-proof, magnets or flip stand, rugged. Professional quality. A gift everyone could use.

    Black Friday Special
    Limited Time
  • TimeStick®

    Pocket-sized, fits chef coat, count-down, count-up, clock with neck lanyard, splash-proof, great stocking stuffer. Available in 9 colors. A gift everyone would love getting.

    5-up: $21.00 ea.
  • Christopher Kimball Signature Timer

    Christopher Kimball Signature Timer

    Designed by Christopher Kimball, built by ThermoWorks. Two timers in one.

    Black Friday Special
    Limited Time
  • TimeStick Trio®

    Easiest-to-use triple timer. One-handed use with neck lanyard, backlight, splash-proof, intuitive. Available in 9 colors. For the multi-tasking chef on your list.

    5-up: $30.00 ea.
  • DASH Mini

    DASH Mini

    5-up: $32.50 ea.
  • DASH


    5-up: $32.50 ea.
  • ThermoPop®

    Super-Fast, first-ever rotating display, splash-proof with large digits, top rated by Cook's.

    5-up: $29.00 ea.
  • TempTest 2 Blue

    TempTest 2 Blue

    Interchangeable probe design for versatility, with auto-rotating LCD display. Waterproof for daily commercial kitchen use. NIST-traceable certificate.

    5-up: $254.00 ea.
    10-up: $249.00 ea.
  • Smoke<sup>&trade;</sup> Sous Vide Kit

    Smoke Sous Vide Kit

    Save $25 when you buy the kit
  • DOT<sup>&reg;</sup> Sous Vide Kit

    DOT® Sous Vide Kit

    Save $20 when you buy the kit