ThermoWorks is the world leader in restaurant food safety. The Thermapen is used by more restaurants and health inspectors than any other thermometer for line checks, grilling, cooking, receiving, and spot checking. Automate line checks and audits with Thermapen Blue connected to your smart device and get more accurate and timely HACCP logs. Add Wi-Fi data loggers to your walk-in fridges and rest easy knowing that your food assets are stored at the proper food-safe temperature. For dishwasher testing, save money with DishTemp and get more accurate readings than unreliable test strips. Temperature is our thing and helping restaurants with their temperature needs is our passion. Call today—1-800-393-6434.

  • Thermapen<sup>®</sup> ONE

    Thermapen® ONE

    NEW Thermapen ONE. Accurate to ±0.5°F in ONE second. Waterproof + advanced features.

    5-up: $97.00 ea.
  • Classic Super-Fast<sup>®</sup> Thermapen<sup>®</sup>

    Classic Super-Fast® Thermapen®

    Super-Fast 2-3 second readings, top rated by leading Cook's magazine. Must-have kitchen tool.

    5-up: $76.00 ea.
  • NEW

    Square DOT®

    Grills, smokers, and ovens rarely display the real internal temperature. See your appliance's true performance. Square DOT's Average Mode automatically calculates the 15-minute running average temperature so you can control your cook every time.

    5-up: $61.00 ea.
  • Thermapen<sup>®</sup> Blue

    Thermapen® Blue

    Folding probe design for added probe protection. 2-3 second readings with high accuracy to ±0.7°F for faster more accurate line checks. Waterproof for daily commercial kitchen use. NIST-traceable certificate.

    5-up: $219.00 ea., 10-up: $206.10 ea.
    2 point calibration certificate included. 
  • Thermapen<sup>®</sup> IR

    Thermapen® IR

    Same industry-leading speed and accuracy of the Mk4 Thermapen with a built-in professional infrared thermometer. Two tools in one!

    2-up: $129.00 ea.
  • DOT<sup>®</sup> Simple Alarm Thermometer

    DOT® Simple Alarm Thermometer

    Ultra-simple probe-style oven alarm. Uses Pro-Series commercial-grade probes that last longer. High temperature alarm. Beats houseware brands for ease of use and survivability. Every kitchen should have a DOT.

    5-up: $39.00 ea.
  • ChefAlarm® Cooking Alarm Thermometer and Timer

    ChefAlarm® Cooking Alarm Thermometer and Timer

    Top rated by Cook's Country. Leave-in probe tracks roasts, turkeys, sous vide and more. Uses Pro-Series commercial-grade probes that last longer. High and low alarms.

    5-up: $57.00 ea.
  • TimeStack®

    Commercial timer with four independent alarms. Easy to set, easy to use, Record your own voice alarms. Adjustable alarm volume up to a loud 100dB for noisy commercial kitchens. A unique gift they won't get from anyone else.

    5-up: $52.00 ea.
  • Executive Series - EXEC Needle<sup>™</sup> Thermometer

    Executive Series - EXEC Needle Thermometer

    3 inch needle probe with full readings in 3 seconds and auto-rotating display. Micro-needle for thin or thick cuts. IP67 waterproof.

    5-up: $29.00 ea.