Vaccine Storage Alarms

ThermoWorks vaccine storage alarm thermometers meet VFC/CDC guidelines for safely storing vaccines and other temperature-sensitive products. Choose a Wi-Fi digital datalogger (DDL) for in situ temperature tracking with data pushed to the cloud for convenient simultaneous monitoring of all refrigerators and freezers at all locations. Or select from multiple non-connected temperature monitor devices (TMD) with large displays and audible alarms. Each vaccine alarm kit includes vials of buffer material, a traceable calibration certificate, and best-in-class performance, all verified by ThermoWorks’ in-house A2LA accredited calibration lab.

  • ThermaGuard Vaccine Storage Alarm Thermometer (TMD)

    ThermaGuard Vaccine Storage Alarm Thermometer (TMD)

    TMD meets CDC vaccine storage requirements. 2-channels, range from -40 to 70°C (-40 to 158°F). Alarm, min/max, includes glycol buffer vials, accredited calibration certificate.