Wire Type K Probes

ThermoWorks’ thermocouple wired probes include a wide range of wire probes for a wide variety of uses, but they all utilize Type K thermocouples for accuracy and durability. These thermocouple wire probes can be used for walk-in freezers, ovens, BBQ, construction, and other restaurant and industrial use.

11 Products

Hi-Temp Flexible Ceramic Fiber-Insulated Probe (WD-08467)
Range to 2200°F for commercial ovens and furnaces, 5- and 10-feet cable length
Fine Gauge Wire Probe (K-36X)
Range to 482°F, very fast response, wire dia. 0.01-inch, 0.024-inch with insulation
Heavy Duty Wire Probe (K-37X)
PTFE insulated, exposed junction, range to 482°F
PTFE/FEP Tip Probe (K-37X-T)
Sealed tip completely waterproof, PTFE insulation, range to 482°F
High Temp Wire Probe (K-38X)
Range to 660°F, select from 3 lengths, protected by fiberglass insulation
Hi-Temp Alligator Clip Oven Probe (8468-22)
Commercial quality with SST overbraid, 120-inch cable length, clips to oven rack
Wire Probe Attachment Pads, pack of 25 (-485)
Adhesive back, secures wire probes to surface
Crocodile Clip Oven Probe (-041)
SST overbraid cable, attach to oven rack, range to 660°F