Whether standard or high precision, ThermoWorks handheld digital thermometers feature rugged housing and best-in-class accuracy across a variety of temperature ranges. Choose from integrated systems or meters that accept multiple probes, single or dual channel meters, alarms or reference models. Perfect for BBQ or sous-vide applications, dairy processing and meat processing, pharmaceutical labs, concrete curing, health departments, and for line checks, critical control point management, and HACCP checklists.

  • Thermamite<sup>&trade;</sup>


    One-button simplicity, fixed K thermocouple probe, 10,000 hour battery life

  • Therma Waterproof

    Therma Waterproof

    Rugged and waterproof, backlight, 5-year battery life

    Meter only,
    Save on meter and probe kit
  • Therma K Metal Waterproof Thermometer

    Therma K Metal Waterproof Thermometer

    Aluminum housing, ultra rugged and waterproof, K type thermocouples

    Meter only,
    Save on meter & probe kit
  • Mini Thermocouple Meter    (MTC)

    Mini Thermocouple Meter (MTC)

    Splash-proof, mini K type thermocouple meter, magnetic back

    5-up: $35.00 ea.
  • MTC Super-Fast<sup>&reg;</sup> Kit

    MTC Super-Fast® Kit

    Includes MTC, 113-159 Super-Fast Probe and zipper wallet

    Save $10 when you buy the kit
  • MTC Super-Fast<sup>&reg;</sup> Mini Needle Kit

    MTC Super-Fast® Mini Needle Kit

    Includes MTC, 113-151 Mini Needle Probe and zipper wallet

    Save $10 when you buy the kit
  • TempTest<sup>™</sup> 2

    TempTest 2

    Auto rotating display, waterproof with intelligent backlight, Super-Fast probe

    5-up: $114.00 ea.
  • Therma 20 Thermistor Meter

    Therma 20 Thermistor Meter

    High accuracy to ±0.7°F with probe, one-button simplicity

    Meter only
  • Therma 20 Plus Waterproof Meter

    Therma 20 Plus Waterproof Meter

    Rugged and waterproof with backlight, waterproof probe connector

    Meter only
  • ThermaCheck Thermometer

    ThermaCheck Thermometer

    System accuracy to ±0.5°F, NIST-Traceable Certificate, 5-year battery life