ThermoWorks standard professional thermometers utilize Type K thermocouples, Type T thermocouples, and thermistor sensors to provide best-in-class accuracy across a variety of temperature ranges and specific uses. These industrial grade thermometers feature rugged housing and high quality materials that are perfect for many different industries and needs, like BBQ and sous-vide applications, dairy and meat processing, pharmaceutical labs, concrete curing, health departments, and in restaurants for line checks and HACCP checklists.

  • Therma 20 Thermistor Meter

    Therma 20 Thermistor Meter

    High accuracy to ±0.7°F with probe, one-button simplicity

    Meter only
  • Therma 20 Plus Waterproof Meter

    Therma 20 Plus Waterproof Meter

    Rugged and waterproof with backlight, waterproof probe connector

    Meter only