Humidity Meters

Easily measure relative humidity (or the percentage of water vapor present in the air or in a gas) and calculate dew point and ice point with ThermoWorks hygrometers, humidity meters and data loggers. Ensure the quality of perishable goods in transportation and storage for food processing and HACCP compliance. Perfect for pharmaceutical applications, computer rooms, construction, horticulture and heating and ventilation (HVAC). Also great for humidors, guitar and violin cases, or gun safes.

13 Products

Handheld Therma-Hygrometer (6500)
Tethered, fixed temp/humidity probe, Max/Min and Hold, 3%
Handheld Therma-Hygrometer w/Dual Display (6002)
Integral probe, Max/Min, dew point, 10,000 hour battery life, 2%
Therma-Hygrometer w/Dual Display and External Probe (6102)
Remote probe with robust connector, Max/Min, dew point, 2%
Thermo Hygrometer (RT817E)
Large dual display, external temp sensor, foldaway stand, for the office or home, temp and humidity.
5-up: $34.00 ea.
Pocket Temp/Humidity Meter (RT819)
Dual display, pen shaped, pocket clip with Max/Min, check temp and humidity anywhere.
5-up: $29.00 ea.
ThermaData® WiFi Temperature and Humidity Logger
Internal temperature and RH sensor, large display, Wi-Fi
ThermaData WiFi Sale—SAVE 20% Includes 2-point Cal Cert. 
ThermaData® Series II Temp/Humidity Logger (1 Int. Temp Sensor, 1 Int. Humidity Sensor)
1 internal temp, 1 internal humidity, range to 185°F and 0 to 100%RH, with display, USB
ThermaData® Series II Temp Logger HTF (1 Ext. Temp & Humidity Fixed Probes)
1 internal temp, 1 external humidity, range to 185°F and 0 to 100%RH, with or without display, USB
LogMaster Temp/Humidity Logger (RHTemp101A)
Range -40 to 176°F and 0-95%RH, Accuracy to ±0.9°F/2-3%RH, Stores 500,000 readings, Connection Kit Required
LogMaster Micro Temp/Humidity SST Logger (MicroRHTemp)
Range 32 to 140°F and 0-95%RH, Accuracy to ±0.9°F/3%RH, Stores 16,383 readings, Connection Kit Required
T&D Illuminance, UV, Temp and Humidity RF Logger (2-EXT)
1 external temp/humidity, 1 external UV/Illuminance, range to 131°F
EasyLog USB Logger, Temp Real-time (TW-USB-RT).
Range to 140°F, Accuracy to ±3.0°F, powered by USB Port
Closeout—Save 40%!
LogTag Transit Temp/Humidity Logger, USB (Haxo-8)
Range to 185°F, 0 to 100%RH, Accuracy to ±1.8°F/3-5%RH
Closeout—Save 30%!