Type K Thermocouple

ThermoWorks carries dozens of Type K thermocouple probes. Select from general purpose probes, high temperature probes, penetration probes, surface probes, wire probes, and thermocouple accessories. For help selecting the best probe for your need, please contact our sales team: 1-800-393-6434 | sales@thermoworks.com

  • Between Pack Probe  (K-060)

    Between Pack Probe (K-060)

    Range to 482°F, flattened probe for insertion between packs of produce, frozen foods, plastic bagged products and more

  • Bell Surface Probe  (K-084)

    Bell Surface Probe (K-084)

    Fast response with thin flat measuring disc for surface temps, rotates for best working angle

  • Pipe Clamp Probe  (K-040)

    Pipe Clamp Probe (K-040)

    Range to 212°F, measures surface temps of pipes or tubing from 0.24-inch to 1.2-inch diameter

  • Velcro Pipe Probe  (-080)

    Velcro Pipe Probe (-080)

    Wraps around pipes, range to 212°F, 19.75-inch length x 0.75-inch width

  • Beverage Probe  (-225)

    Beverage Probe (-225)

    Original milkshake probe, fits straw hole, disc at top ensures consistent immersion

  • Air/Gas Probe  (K-300)

    Air/Gas Probe (K-300)

    Range to 482°F, ideal for environmental readings, cold storage, and HVAC, straight or coiled cable