ThermoWorks’ Type K surface thermocouple probes include a variety of different surface probes to meet your specific need. These surface probes include pipe probes, between-pack probes, magnetic surface probes, griddle surface probes, as well as other handle surface probes. These probes utilize Type K thermocouple sensors for accuracy and durability.

  • Precision Surface Probe  (K-030)

    Precision Surface Probe (K-030)

    Fast, accurate surface ribbon probe, 5 second readings, straight or coiled cable

  • Spring Loaded Surface Probe  (K-000)

    Spring Loaded Surface Probe (K-000)

    Range to 1112°F, 1/4-inch copper disc spring loaded for best surface contact, straight or coiled cable

  • Roller Surface Probe, SST  (-038)

    Roller Surface Probe, SST (-038)

    Roller wheels to glide along surface, stainless steel wheels, range to 482°F

  • Roller Surface Probe, PTFE  (-036)

    Roller Surface Probe, PTFE (-036)

    Roller wheels to glide along surface, plastic PTFE wheels, range to 482°F

  • Griddle Probe  (-018)

    Griddle Probe (-018)

    Weighted heavy duty probe for measuring hot plates and griddles, range to 482°F

  • Ribbon Surface Probe  (K-044)

    Ribbon Surface Probe (K-044)

    Cylindrical head with stainless steel ribbon where thermocouple is mounted

  • Magnetic Surface Probe  (-016)

    Magnetic Surface Probe (-016)

    Ideal for measuring surface of ferrous metals, 39-inch cable length

  • Between Pack Probe  (K-060)

    Between Pack Probe (K-060)

    Range to 482°F, flattened probe for insertion between packs of produce, frozen foods, plastic bagged products and more

  • Bell Surface Probe  (K-084)

    Bell Surface Probe (K-084)

    Fast response with thin flat measuring disc for surface temps, rotates for best working angle

  • Pipe Clamp Probe  (K-040)

    Pipe Clamp Probe (K-040)

    Range to 212°F, measures surface temps of pipes or tubing from 0.24-inch to 1.2-inch diameter

  • Velcro Pipe Probe  (-080)

    Velcro Pipe Probe (-080)

    Wraps around pipes, range to 212°F, 19.75-inch length x 0.75-inch width