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Spare Smoke X2 Receiver


5-up: $50.00 ea.

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Spare Smoke X2 Receiver

5-up: $50.00 ea.

Smoke X2 Receiver  includes neck lanyard and 2 x AA batteries

Use Smoke X4 Receiver with only Smoke X4 base unit and Smoke X2 Receiver with only Smoke X2 base unit.

  • Extended range to 6,562-feet line of sight (patent pending)
  • Updates every 30 seconds
  • Splash-proof rated to IP66
  • Shows current temps and alarms of all channels
  • Pair unlimited receivers to one Smoke X

Smoke X Receiver is a rugged, remote device that pairs directly to Smoke X’s base unit with audible alerts. With a large display and easy-to-read digits, Smoke X Receiver allows you to track current temperatures in almost real time with a 30-second update interval. Extended Range of up to 6,562 feet line-of-sight gives room to roam while keeping an eye on important temperatures. The IP66 rating protects from accidental splashes. Use the attached magnets to place it in an easy-to-view area or use the included lanyard to wear around your neck. The 1,800-hour battery life means you won't be looking for replacement batteries in the middle of the night or during a competition. Pair multiple Smoke X Receivers to one Smoke X base unit and the entire BBQ team can stay updated.

Resolution0.1°F (°C)
Water ResistanceIP66
Operating Range14 to 122°F (-10 to 50°C)
Backlight20 seconds
Max Sounds Volume75dB
Transmission Range6,562-feet line of sight
Radio Frequency915 Mhz in USA and Canada only (patent pending)
ApprovalsUS (FCC Part 15), Canada (IC - Complies with all relevant directives for Canada)
Battery2x AA - 1,800 hours
Display2.32 H x 1.37 W inches (59 H x 35 W mm)
Dimensions4.44 H x 2.04 W x 1.10 D inches (113 H x 52 W x 28 D mm)

Download Smoke X2 Receiver Operating Instructions

Download Smoke X2 Sync Instructions

What is an IP Rating?

An IP rating, also known as "International Protection" or "Ingress Protection" rating, is a value assigned to a product that determines its susceptibility to ingress from solids and liquids. The first numeric digit relates to the level of protection against solid objects, and the second numeric digit indicates the level of protection against liquid ingress. Click for a table of IP Rating values.

IP66 - No ingress of dust (6); Protection from water ingress: Strong jets of water (6).