Talking Thermometer (RT8400)

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Super-Fast, speaks the temperature, large display. Great tool for the sight impaired.
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2-year Warranty

  • Press the button, it says the temperature!
  • Great for the sight-impaired or multi-taskers
  • Use it when you can't read the display
  • Super-Fast reduced tip reads in about 5-6 seconds
  • Big LCD digits
  • Hanging clip
  • 0.1 degree resolution
  • °C/°F setting on back
  • Range: -58 to 572°F (-50 to 300°C)
  • Designed in Utah by ThermoWorks

The Digital Talking Thermometer is not a novelty! This digital pocket thermometer is a serious measurement tool that reads temperature with extreme speed and speaks the temperature readings at the touch of its single large button.

Other low-cost talking thermometers are made by companies that produce talking novelty items. They are cheaply made, very slow and not at all accurate. This digital thermometer was designed to our specifications and is produced in a thermometer factory where each unit receives proper quality control and testing.

ThermoWorks Super-Fast thermometer technology is employed in the reduced-tip probe for readings in only *5-6 seconds. Simply turn the thermometer on, insert the probe tip in a food portion or liquid, wait just a few seconds, then press the button to hear the temperature in a clear (female) voice. A recessed button on the back will change the scale from Fahrenheit to Celsius. Use the built-in eyelet at the top to hang the thermometer within easy reach where you normally use it. The thermometer body is contoured to comfortably fit the palm of your hand.

The Digital Talking Thermometer is suitable for the sight impaired with partial or full vision loss. For the sighted, the large 3/8" digits are easier-to-read. Even those that can see the display need not take their eyes off other tasks if they can simply push the 'Talk' button to tell them the temperature. Press it again and again to update the status of changing temperatures. The ThermoWorks Digital Talking Thermometer is a tremendous aid in food preparation, general household use or even scientific and industrial applications.

*Speed is measured as the time it takes to reach within 1 degree of the final temperature. Final tenths of a degree may continue to stabilize over the next 3-4 seconds.

Talking Thermometer (RT8400)

Sale Price: $43.00

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