Basic Thermometry Concepts: Range

Resolution, accuracy and reproducibility form the foundation of thermometer technology but there are other important considerations when choosing an instrument.

Range describes the upper and lower limits of a thermometers' measurement scale. Different thermometer technologies tend to perform best in different ranges of measurement. Some specialize at very, very hot temps or very, very cold ones. Some have a broader range. It's not uncommon for a thermometer to have different accuracy or resolution specifications in the center of its range than it does at its outer limits.

Read specification tables carefully. The better idea you have of the particular temperatures you're likely to be measuring (say, for example, baking temps at 300-400°F), the more carefully you'll be able to select a technology that performs best in that range.

Note: If you choose a meter and a probe set, be sure both the meter and the probe have their best performance in the range you are targeting.