T&D Temp, Humidity & Barometric Pressure USB Logger (TR-73U)

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1 external temp, 1 external humidity, 1 barometric pressure, USB
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  • Measure temperature from -76°F to 311°F (-60 to 155°C)
  • Measure humidity from 10 to 95%
  • Measure barometric pressure from 750 to 1100hPa
  • Records 8,000 readings per channel
  • Fast download to PC via USB
  • Optional download to handheld device without removing from location
  • Start and stop recording directly from front panel

For environmental recording of temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure with an easy to read digital display, our new TR-71UI/72UI or 73U will meet your requirements. These lightweight instruments include a multi-channel measurement with the capability to store 8,000 readings per channel on board with 15 selectable recording intervals.

This 3-channel unit records 8,000 reading on board for each input.

Each unit includes easy to use Windows software for graphical presentation of the downloaded data, statistical viewing, exporting, all with the ability to overlay up to 8 channels on one graph. Its USB connection allows for fast data downloading.

Want more? How about downloading data without removing your units from their location? Add on our RTR-57U Handheld Data Collector and with a download cable you can dump your recorded data directly to the handheld unit for later download to the PC.

We make temperature monitoring easy and accurate.

T&D Temp, Humidity & Barometric Pressure USB Logger (TR-73U)


Out of stock

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