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    by Rose Levy Beranbaum

The Baking Bible

by Rose Levy Beranbaum

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Have a question about baking? Don’t fret - there’s a bible for that! Rose Levy Beranbaum, author of multiple “bibles,” including “The Cake Bible” and “The Bread Bible” has returned with another cookbook filled with gospel truths. This time, it’s all about Baking.

Rose’s “methodical,” easy-to-follow instructions leave no recipe out of reach. French pastries - once relegated to professional kitchens - are easy to grasp thanks to her ingenious modifications for the home cook. Indispensable tips grace over 500 color pages, while notes on essential kitchen equipment (including her favorite Super-Fast Thermapen and ChefAlarm), make every recipe virtually foolproof.

The Baking Bible further confirms Rose’s addiction to temperature. She includes temperatures on nearly every page to ensure readers never second guess the process. Alongside oven temperatures are ideal internal temperatures for curds, pie fillings, tarts, and more. After you’ve picked up Rose’s Baking Bible, bee line it to the market for butter, flour and sugar because you’re going to want to get started right away! Only question is, what will it be? Cake, pie, tarts, cookies, candies, pastries or bread?