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Billows BBQ Temperature Control Fan Kit

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Billows BBQ Temperature Control Fan Kit

Billows includes fan, fan plug, fan adapter, USB-C to USB-C cable, and flue tape. ThermoWorks compatible controller sold separately (required).

Optional Billows Mounting Kits are available
Please see the Q/A section to determine if you need one for your smoker.

This kit also includes 12V Power Adapter. Billows works with:

Best-in-Class Airflow Technology: 46 CFM
This is why billows is able to stabilize and control temperature over your entire cook more efficiently than any competitor.

Controller Compatibility: Works with any ThermoWorks controller
Control your cook more efficiently with Billows and ThermaQ 2, SmokeX, or Signals.

Made to Fit Most Smokers
Easy to fit into any smoker’s BBQ fan opening.
(Optional mounting kits are available.)

Cook perfect, succulent BBQ meats over the course of many hours without having to worry about flareups, burn-outs, vent adjustments, or tending the coals. Confidently control your BBQ with ThermoWorks quality precision.

Billows now comes with Open Lid Detection, Billows returns the smoker to your set temp much quicker.

  • Maintains constant temperature control (±10°F/6°C typical) over entire cook
  • Fastest initial speed-to-temperature
  • Lowest overshoot, stabilizes faster
  • Control stability exceeds other units
  • One integrated system to monitor and control smoker and meat temps
  • Cool-touch industrial-molded weatherproof composite
  • Uses replaceable USB-C connector cables
  • True charcoal flavor without the hassle of fire tending
  • Engineered in Utah by ThermoWorks

When connected to a ThermoWorks compatible controller (required), the Billows fan quickly gets your smoker up to the target cooking temperature and keeps it there. The powerful 46 CFM fan maintains precise temperature control, whether you’re cooking in a stick-burner, ceramic, barrel, or drum cooker. An optional expansion connection kit is available to pair two Billows with the same controller for large smokers or cookers, but you’re not likely to need it, as powerful as Billows is. Up your game today with Billows.

Optional Billows Mounting Kits (sold separately) may be used to attach Billows to certain types of smokers. See the Question and Answers section for more details.

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We were not only impressed with the range of the Smoke X wireless receiver and the thermometer’s speed and accuracy, but we were also pleased with how well the unit worked with the Billows BBQ Temp Control Fan.
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Airflow46 CFM
Opening1.18 x 1.57 inches (30 x 40 mm)
Cable Length60 inches (1.5m)
Power12V AC powered
Water ResistanceWeatherproof
Operating Range500°F (260°C)
Compatible ControllerSmoke X

*Smoker temperature needs to be at least 115°F (47°C) for open lid detection

Visit our Help Center For more information and troubleshooting tips.