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ThermoWorks Stocking Dealer Program

At ThermoWorks, temperature is our thing! We offer professional temperature tools, timers and accessories that are sought after by professional chefs, backyard BBQ enthusiasts, competition BBQ teams and consumer kitchens.

Our brand is highly respected for product innovation, speed, accuracy, ease of use, and performance. Web selling of ThermoWorks' products is very restricted, so your walk-in business is not easily drawn away online (we are NOT on Amazon). Our Tech Support team is world-class and all customer claims are handled direct.

Retailers who qualify will be authorized to stock, sell, and demo top-rated time and temperature tools in their stores, not online. Make temperature your thing and be a part of the ThermoWorks Stocking Dealer Program!

What we're looking for

ThermoWorks is looking to enhance its strong online presence with a select number of commercially-zoned brick and mortar locations across the US. Dealers who qualify will sell top-rated time and temperature tools, including the highly sought after Thermapen, to their local clientele. Dealers are encouraged to use and demonstrate ThermoWorks products in their cooking and BBQ classes, at local events, in their newsletters, and in email blasts. Online promotion for in-store purchase only is acceptable.

ThermoWorks is not looking for commercial distributors, eCommerce distributors, Amazon sellers, or independent product reps.

Example of ThermoWorks' Dealer

Example Dealer Store
ThermoWorks Products
Example of a ThermoWorks' Dealer's Store
Example of a ThermoWorks' Dealer's Display of ThermoWorks Products

Program Benefits

  • Make Money - With highly sought after products, you’ll earn up to 50% margin on products at the top of their categories, including Thermapen, ChefAlarm, DOT, Smoke, ThermoPop, TimeStick, and more.
  • Sell the Thermapen - Rated #1 by many leading cooking publications the Thermapen is the only choice for many of the world’s top chefs, and the perfect holiday gift item.
  • Add Credibility to Your Store - ThermoWorks is respected as the industry leader by competition BBQ teams, top restaurant chains, and celebrity chefs. Use the top tools in your classes and customers will come back for more advice.

Dealer Requirements

  • You will place an initial order of at least eight (8) sku's (different products not counting accessories or different colors). This assures us that you will be able to offer a fair selection of our products to your customers. This minimum number of sku's may be increased in the future as the product line grows.
  • The only ThermoWorks products available to you for resale are those that are listed in the approved Stocking Dealer's Price list.
  • You will not list ThermoWorks products for sale on the internet. This includes your own webstore, third party online merchandisers, auction sites, blogs, forums, or any ecommerce of any kind.
  • Order frequency is important. If six months transpire with no orders, we reserve the right to reevaluate.

Ready to Apply?

Short Application Form - Get started by filling out a short application that allows us to contact you and start the approval process. We will require that you send in photos of your store. Once we have the application and a few photos of your store we can get you on your way to offering the best name in thermometers.

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