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ThermoWorks Ice Cream Scoop


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ThermoWorks Ice Cream Scoop

  • Heat-pipe Technology Warms Scoop
  • Hardcoat Anodized Aluminum
  • 10% to 20% More Servings per Gallon
  • Made in the USA

What kitchen task needs a great thermal tool more than scooping ice cream? The new ThermoWorks Ice Cream Scoop is descended from a scoop first invented in 1935 by the Zeroll Company in a garage in Toledo, Ohio. We’re now proud to bring you this Zerolon® scoop under the ThermoWorks brand.

  • We love how they work. Passive, heat-pipe technology transfers heat from your hand to the bowl end of the scoop, minimizing the need to constantly rinse the scoop. As you more smoothly roll the ice cream into a ball, you’ll get more servings per gallon. The heat-conductive aluminum is hardcoat anodized to protect against hard or over-chlorinated water that would otherwise mar the finish of the aluminum. Rinse the scoop once in warm water to start, grasp the handle and then start rolling scoops of ice cream faster and smoother than any other scoop we’ve tried. You’ll love how they feel in your hand.

    These last for generations so it’s a great investment. Just keep them out of the dishwasher. They come instantly clean in a stream of hot water. Follow this one minor caution and your grandkids will be scooping ice cream with them. Available in several sizes and in a spade version.

  • Specifications
    Ice Cream ScoopCap colorWeightPortions per Gallon
    Size 10Brown4 oz.20
    Size 12Blue3 oz.24
    Size 16Green2.5 oz.32
    Size 20Gold2 oz.40
    Size 24Silver1.5 oz.48
    Size 30Red1 oz.60

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