Infrared Thermometers

Easily measure surface temperatures with ThermoWorks non-contact IR guns, ideal for produce and agriculture inspectors, HVAC, construction, warehouse, quality assurance, HACCP and cold chain management, both shipping and receiving. Choose from fixed or adjustable emissivity, single, dual or circle laser types, and lens optics from close focus—for electronic components and laboratory measurements—to 100 to 1—for long distance measurements. High temperature ranges up to 3272°F (1800°C) are perfect for metallurgy and metal work foundries.

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Thermapen® IR
Same industry-leading speed and accuracy of the Mk4 Thermapen with a built-in professional infrared thermometer. Two tools in one!
Out of stock - orders will ship end of July
Hi Temp Industrial IR w/Circle Laser (IR-IND)
30:1 Optics, range to 1400°F, type K input, adjustable emissivity
Meter Only

Save on meter & probe kit
Industrial IR Gun (IR-GUN-S)
12:1 Optics, point and shoot simplicity, single laser, backlight, handy tool for the gadget guy.
$49.00 $69.00
Industrial IR with Circle Laser (IRK-2)
12:1 Optics, range to 1022°F, type K input, adjustable emissivity, professional infrared.
Meter Only
RayTemp 2 Plus Infrared Thermometer
5:1 Optics, 360° rotating display, adjustable emissivity, includes certificate.
5-up: $73.00 ea. 

Includes 2-point Cal Cert. 
IR with Laser (TW2)
6:1 Optics, single laser with neck lanyard, adjustable emissivity, pocket sized.
$49.00 $69.00
Cold Zone Infrared (CZ-IR)
Best IR for cold chain, adjustable emissivity, high accuracy to 1.1F
$35.00 $49.00
ON SALE!  Normally $49
Food Safety Infrared (IRFS)
Optimized for food safety testing, 12:1 optics, single laser, high accuracy, MAX, Hold
2-up: $59.00 ea.
High Accuracy IR with Type T Thermocouple Input (IRT-2)
12:1 Optics, range to 1022°F, type T input, high accuracy
Meter Only
Close Focus Infrared (CF-IR)
Measure tiny areas, electronics, laboratory and research
$159.00 $199.00
ON SALE!  Normally $199
Hi-Temp Professional Infrared w/USB Interface, to 1600°C (IR-PRO-75)
75:1 Optics, range to 2912°F, type K input, data capture and downloading
Ultra Hi Temp Infrared w/Dual Laser (IR-PRO-100)
100:1 Optics, range to 3272°F, type K input, stores 24 data points
BlueTherm® Infrared Probe
Bluetooth infrared probe, connects to smartphone or tablet, includes rubber boot
IR-MINI Infrared Thermometer
Mini infrared, adjustable emissivity with neck lanyard, versatile pocket-sized IR.
Pocket Infrared Thermometer (IR-POCKET)
Waterproof to IP67, pocket sized convenience, surface temps in a snap.