Pocket Digital Thermometers

Known for their rugged design and Super-Fast® response time, ThermoWorks pocket digital thermometers are in widespread use in restaurants, food plants, labs, and by health inspectors throughout the world. Choose from a variety of designs, probe lengths, and temperature ranges as well as water resistance, NSF certification, and trim calibration functions. All thermometer models feature big, easy-to-read digits and fit easily into a lab coat, apron, or shirt pockets. Perfect for chefs, line cooks, concrete curing, and food production lines.

14 Products

Super-Fast, first-ever rotating display, splash-proof with large digits, top rated by Cook's.
5-up: $28.00 ea.
Large, 180° auto-rotating display, extra long battery life and waterproof rating to IP67. Two probe lengths give the perfect fit for any task!
5-up: $32.50 ea.
ProNeedle - The Ultimate Pocket Digital Thermometer
Auto-rotating display, waterproof, 3-4 second readings, 3-inch probe, fits chef coat pocket.
5-up: $27.00 ea.
600D - Super-Fast® Waterproof Pocket Thermometer
Auto-rotating display, waterproof, 5-6 second readings, 4.8-inch probe.
5-up: $24.00 ea.
ThermoDrop Zipper-Pull Thermometer
Ambient temperatures indoors or out. IP67 rating, auto-rotating display with big digits and Max/Min readings.
Super-Fast® Pocket Thermometer with Cal Adjust (RT301WA)
Super-Fast, water-resistant, rated #1, calibration function, NSF.
5-up: $24.00 ea.
Super-Fast® Mini Thermometer (RT616)
Super-Fast, water-resistant, fits chef coat, Max/Min, Hold.
5-up: $24.00 ea.
Talking Thermometer (RT8400)
Super-Fast, speaks the temperature, large display. Great tool for the sight impaired.
Heavy Duty Waterproof Thermometer, 24-inch (RT610B-24)
24-inch probe, heavy duty, waterproof, T-shaped, perfect for composting.
Heavy Duty Waterproof Thermometer, 12-inch (RT610B-12)
12-inch probe, heavy duty, waterproof, T-shaped, perfect for composting.
ThermaLite Certified Pocket Thermometer
Super-Fast, NIST-Traceable with calibration certificate
5-up: $34.00 ea.
Water-Resistant Min/Max Thermometer (RT304)
Lollipop style, water-resistant, Max/Min, standard probe
5-up: $15.00 ea.
Long-Stem Water-Resistant Min/Max Thermometer (RT304-8)
8-inch standard probe, lollipop style, water-resistant, Max/Min
5-up: $19.00 ea.
Heavy Duty Waterproof Thermometer, 6-inch (RT610B)
Heavy duty, waterproof, t-shaped
5-up: $15.00 ea.