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Saf-T-Log® Meter & Probe Kit

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In Stock

Order now, ships today

Saf-T-Log® Meter & Probe Kit

Buy the Kit and SAVE $25

Order the kit and get the probe for less than half price, a $25 savings.
Kit includes the meter and our most popular probe, model 313-158 Fast Response Penetration Probe. No substitutions.


New features can be downloaded directly to the Saf-T-Log. See the Software section of this page below for details.

Common Uses:
  • Replace Paper checklists with digital reports
  • Train staff on food safety and quality systems
  • Quality control implimentation
  • Improved line checks
  • Increased compliance in manager walk-throughs
  • Includes NIST-Traceable calibration certificate
  • Simplify filing and declutter your office

Key Features:
  • Paperless HACCP in 15 minutes!
  • Store up to 7 checklists on Saf-T-Log
  • List temp items and Yes/No questions
  • Select corrective actions on handheld
  • Add up to 300 checklist items
  • Eliminate paper logbooks!
  • Get real-time pass/fail feedback
  • Automate data archiving and report creation
  • Rugged, waterproof (IP66/67) meter

Measure, store, download and print temperature reports with the convenience and price of a handheld thermocouple meter. No more paper logs or complicated PDAs to train staff! The Saf-T-Log is as easy to use as your current thermocouple meter.

What Customers Say About It:

“This durable, accurate thermometer is easy to use, helps your bottom line and saves trees by eliminating paper logs. It makes temperature monitoring fun and eliminates hated paperwork.”
— Senior Director, Global Food Safety - Marriott

''It literally took 15 minutes to create a checklist and start using the Saf-T-Log.''
— Quality Manager, San Gennaro Foods

In less than 15 minutes, you can set up your custom daily checklists, download them to the Saf-T-Log and start recording temperatures. It's really that simple. Eliminate paper log books, clip boards, and tattered binders. Reports are stored electronically.

The Saf-T-Log includes Windows desktop software to create your list of up to 300 items that you routinely measure along with up to 25 users on your team. Each item can include a high and low limit that gives the user instant on-screen PASS/FAIL feedback and gets printed on the report. Once your checklist is created, it can be saved, emailed to other users, and loaded onto any handheld device. Store up to 7 checklists on each Saf-T-Log.

To record readings, simply scroll to the correct item and press record. If reading is outside of HACCP limits a corrective action list automatically loads for quick selection. Once readings are taken in the field they are downloaded to the PC automatically when reconnected. The data is archived and a report is generated automatically with no additional user input. It's that easy! The Saf-T-Log report is locked so data that is logged cannot be tampered with.

Saf-T-Log makes it easy to get the reports you need regardless of where you are. Using third-party cloud storage solutions like DropBox, you can access your Saf-T-Log reports anywhere. Now it's easier than ever for regional managers or corporate leaders to view completed checklists - immediately!

The Saf-T-Log can be used anywhere with interchangeable type K probes and rugged IP66/67 water resistant housing. Measure temperatures from -148 to 2500°F depending on the probe selected. It also includes a high contrast backlit display with accuracy to ±0.7°F, and a calibration trim function.

The Saf-T-Log was designed so updates to instrument firmware (software on the handheld device) can be done locally without having to send the unit back for service. All features can be updated at no charge . Since the Saf-T-Log was introduced, users have enjoyed new features like: longer battery life, increase in checklist items from 100 to 300, faster button response, corrective actions on handheld device, longer item names, adding YES/NO questions to checklists, viewing readings on handheld, and loading multiple checklists on a single handheld. To see all the updates and for instructions on updating your unit, click here.

The Saf-T-Log is total innovation from ThermoWorks. No other recording handheld system records data this intuitively at anywhere near this price.

Range-148 to 2500°F (-100 to 1372°C)
Accuracy±0.7°F (0.4°C), ±0.1%
ProbeType K Thermocouple
Water ResistanceIP66/67 rated
Connection TypeUSB 2.0
Battery3x AAA, 2,500 hours
Auto-off10 minutes
Display1.3 H x 1.7 W inches (33 H x 43 W mm) LCD
Dimensions5.5 H x 2.8 W x 1.25 D inches (141 H x 71 W x 32 D mm)
Weight0.49lb. (220g)
CalibrationNIST-Traceable certificate included
Item TypesTemperature and Yes/No questions in user-selected order, 32 character max.
Item Quantities* Up to 300 items for single checklists, up to 250 for multiple
Checklists Up to 7 checklists per handheld device, unlimited on PC
Corrective ActionsUp to 10 temperature and 10 Yes/No corrective actions per checklist
Users Up to 25 users per checklist
MemoryStore up to 1000 readings on the handheld between downloads
ArchiveAuto archive to user-selected file location, cloud, or network drive

*Longer item names (between 16-32 characters) will reduce the maximum number of checklist items available. For example, if one checklist is stored on the Saf-T-Log then a checklist with the maximum number of characters per item (32), will leave enough memory for 150 items to be on that checklist (125 per checklist if using multiple checklists on a single device).

Visit our Help Center For more information and troubleshooting tips.

Saf-T-Log Desktop Software & Firmware Updates

Note: Saf-T-Log updates and enhancements to software and the handheld unit are offered to customers free of charge and can be updated remotely for customer convenience. Check back to this page periodically for updated information.

Download Saf-T-Log Desktop Software (v3.0.3.0)

Download Firmware Update Instructions

Download Firmware Updater (v3.5.0)


March 2015 Update
Instrument Firmware version 3.5.0:

• Update that may extend battery life in some circumstances of operation (recommended)

This update only requires the instrument firmware to be updated, not the desktop software.

How do I tell what Instrument Firmware version I have?
Power on the Saf-T-Log and enter the Instrument Menu by holding down the Up and Down arrows simultaneously. Scroll to the ‘Instrument Info’ menu and press ‘REC’ then scroll to ‘FW’ and read the version number.

Or connect the Saf-T-Log to the PC and open the desktop software. Select "Configure Saf-T-Log" and the Firmware Version number will be displayed.

To update the Saf-T-Log firmware:
Uninstall any old versions of the Update Saf-T-Log Firmware program from Windows Control Panel. Click here to download the firmware update instructions. Follow the instructions to update the instrument firmware to version 3.5.0.

To update the Saf-T-Log desktop software:
Uninstall the old version from Windows Control Panel before installing the new version. Click here to download and install the new desktop software version

July 2014 Update
Desktop Software version & Instrument Firmware version 3.2.0 updates:

• Load on and select from up to 7 checklists per Saf-T-Log device
• Import multiple checklists to the PC from Saf-T-Log device

This update requires the instrument firmware and Saf-T-Log desktop software to be updated.

December 2013 Update
Desktop Software version & Firmware version 2.0.6 updates:

• Yes/No items can now be added to any Checklist in order of preference
• Yes/No corrective actions can be included in any Checklist, up to 10
• Temperature corrective actions can be included separate from Yes/No corrective actions
• View readings on handheld device before download
• Longer food items and corrective actions can be created with scrolling feature, up to 32 characters
• Instrument Menu now on handheld to view readings, change user, view calibration information, TRIM setting, and firmware version

June 2013 Update
Desktop Software version 1.30 & Firmware version 1.24 updates:

• Added corrective action list on Saf-T-Log handheld device; up to 10
• Increased number of items to 300
• Faster response to button presses
• Increased battery life from 1,000 to 2,500 hours
• Prompt to change battery when connected
• Option to purge readings manually
• Saf-T-Log displays reading number for each reading saved
• Buttons on Saf-T-Log scroll when held down
• Auto-off programmed to 10 minutes after last button press

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Technical Support at (801)-756-7705 or techsupport@thermoworks.com.