The Thermapen has long been a favorite of professionals. Select from the new Thermapen Mk4, the Classic Thermapen, or one of the special purpose models.

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Thermapen® Mk4
Rated #1 by leading Cook's Magazine, Super-Fast 2-3 seconds, waterproof, advanced features.
5-up: $91.00 ea.
Classic Super-Fast® Thermapen®
Super-Fast 2-3 second readings, top rated by leading Cook's magazine. Must-have kitchen tool.
5-up: $73.00 ea.
Limited Edition Thermapen® Mk4
Limited Editions of the Fastest and most accurate instant-read thermometer on the market!
Pro-Surface Thermapen®
Measures surface temps, splash-proof with high accuracy to ±0.7°F
5-up: $114.00 ea.
Air Thermapen®
All the great features of the Classic Super-Fast Thermapen in an air measurement.
Reference Thermapen®
Super high accuracy to ±0.07°C with 5-pt UKAS Accredited Cert