Daily Maintenance Records Made Easy

The JungleWhen maintaining, operating, or inspecting industrial equipment, you may be responsible for keeping operation, inspection, or maintenance logs. In an industrial environment, trying to keep logs neat and clean, and ensure that the information recorded is accurate and legible can be more difficult than you think.

Despite its difficulty, such reports are vital to the operation and up-keep of the equipment. Logs provide a means of self-protection when trouble occurs and ensure proper periodic maintenance and inspections are performed. When replacement, depreciation and repair costs are taken into account, the price of a maintenance record is invaluable.

Depending on the piece of equipment, individuals may be required to take daily records of performance, temperature measurements or other key performance indicators. The more often a record is required, the more likely the information can be lost, inaccurate, or illegible. And if equipment is expected to be kept in optimal operating condition, those inconsistencies are unacceptable.

The new Saf-T-Log thermocouple thermometer is an innovative temperature instrument that reduces the headaches associated with keeping daily logs and checklists. With specific systems built into the handheld device, the need for clip board, pencil and paper is virtually eliminated.

With the Saf-T-Log, operating managers can effectively remove the guess work and "good judgement" that must always be used in the analysis of service troubles and specific corrective actions that should be followed. Customizable check lists can be built, which allow the operator to set predetermined parameters wherein equipment must operate. When a temperature reading is taken outside of the parameters, a "Fail" status will alert the user that actions must be taken.

After inspections are completed, the readings on the handheld device can be downloaded onto a PC where they can be analyzed and provide a complete picture of the current and (when compared to previous records) past operating conditions of the equipment or plant, and can assist in keeping them at its maximum efficiency.

Each temperature measurement is recorded with time, date, user and pass/fail status. When a record is downloaded, the user is able to record the corrective actions that were taken in the event of a "Fail" reading. Records can be saved in a PDF format and emailed to plant managers.

Over time, the Saf-T-Log's precise, digitized logs will assist in determining estimates for future maintenance budgets. A comparison of log readings will allow auditors to estimate the life expectancy of equipment and ensure that it is used to its full capacity.