Heat is an ingredient!

And just as you carefully measure how much flour, salt, water and other ingredients you need before you add them to a recipe, you should always accurately measure how much heat you are adding to ingredients for consistent results every time! So tell your friends about this page. Just tell them to go to heatisaningredient.com.

Learning to use thermometers...

ThermoWorks is proud to partner with the Home Baking Association and Family and Consumer Sciences Teachers around the country to educate our students about the importance of proper temperature measurement ensuring...

  • Food safety!!
  • Excellence in food preparation
  • Proper food doneness
  • Proper recipe documentation
  • Repeatability of processes

Use this webpage to access...

  1. The top-rated pocket thermometer, the ThermoWorks ThermoPop®
  2. Educational materials for students about critical baking temperatures
  3. Even lesson plans and handouts!


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Download this amazing flyer for your class!

Click the image below to download our "Heat is an ingredient!" PDF flyer for the students in your class. It contains ingredient and process temperatures critical to successful baking plus information about the award-winning ThermoPop...

Are you a Family and Consumer Sciences Teacher in the United States?

If so, you may qualify for a FREE sample of the award-winning ThermoPop instant-read thermometer referenced on this page shipped to you at no charge. Call Wes Gilger on the ThermoWorks Commercial Sales Team at 1-800-393-6434 for more information.

Explore these baking temperature lesson ideas...

Blueberry Mug Muffins

This tried and true Baking Food Safety Lesson Plan (click to download) prepared by Sharon Davis lets students use their thermometers to explore the relationship of heat to doneness by baking mug muffins in the microwave oven. Students will learn how to ensure food safety by...

  • Properly preparing their hands and work surface
  • Properly preparing and mixing their ingredients
  • Understanding the risks of raw ingredients
  • Reading a temperature chart to find a target doneness temp
  • Properly measuring an actual doneness temperature
  • And more...

Desired Dough Temperature

This step-by-step article by Barb Alpern of King Arthur Baking (click to access) demonstrates for students the dramatic impact water temperatures for blooming yeast can have on the finished loaf.

Try three different water temperatures for three different batches of basic sandwich bread yeast and see how both proofing and finished baking are affected. Students will also learn how to calculate the perfect water temperature based on the actual conditions including...

  • the room temperature
  • the flour temperature
  • the friction factor of their mixer

Even More Classroom Resources...

Find even more great baking lesson plan resources and food safety information at the Home Baking Association's Education page and their Food Safety Page!


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